August 3, 2013

OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress and Phone Case

Happy weekend! Today I have a classic OPI shade along with my awesome new phone case to share with you! Remember the other day when I posted the China Glaze On The Horizon Collection and I said that I went shopping only to buy nail polish remover? I also bought this on that trip...clearly my self control went out the window that day. 

A few months back OPI partnered with My Case Couture to release a few iPhone 4/4S and 5 cases that feature some of the most iconic and well known OPI shades like I'm Not Really A Waitress, You Don't Know Jacques, Big Apple Red etc... In addition to getting a phone case that is pretty awesome you also get a mini bottle of the polish featured on the case. I ended up picking up I'm Not Really A Waitress since I liked the phone case design the best for it.

The formula of I'm Not Really A Waitress was pretty outstanding, makes me wonder why I never got around to getting this in a full sized bottles ages ago. I could have gotten away with 1 coat of this but I decided to do 2 to deepen the color a bit. The photo below is in natural sunlight.

Here are a few photos of the case on it's own. Each polish color has a unique splattered kind of photo on the base. This was my favorite of the bunch but I really liked the one they had for Pink Flamenco also. In addition to cases they also had screen protectors but they didn't look like anything special. The phone cases are available on if you'd like to check them out for yourself, they retail for $39.95. If you have a random beauty supply near you (not like a Sally's or the like but a small independent place) I'd check there for these, I got mine for $20 instead of the $39.95!

My favorite part of the case is the part you can't even see LOL! The inside is freaking's got a cute little red OPI bottle print on a black background. The bottles and black background are rubberized.

Also a nice touch was the name of the OPI polish on the side of the case!


  1. I wish they did these for Samsungs too. The inside is so adorable. I'd be wanting to take the case off all the time just to show people the little bottles, lol.

  2. This is awesome! I love I'm not really a waitress it's a great red polish and the phone case is perfect!

  3. Just ordered You Don't Know Jacques! These are too cute

  4. This is cool. I don't own an iPhone but I still like the cases, the "Pink Flamenco" case is my fav. Thy should do something like this for Samsungs, too.

  5. How cute!! I love the inside, too! Shame it doesn't show.

  6. I'm Not Really a Waitress was my wedding mani! I love that shade.

  7. The case is adorable, really! Love it

  8. I have seen these cases before, it looks even nicer in real life, I want one! xx

  9. I would love one of those cases...but don't want to pay $39.95! I hope I can find one like you did.


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