August 2, 2013

LCN Shades of Desert Collection Swatches

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I'm not sure what trouble I'll get into yet!Today I have swatches of the Summer Collection from LCN called Shades of Desert to share with you. This collection is inspired by the bold colorful hues of the Orient according to LCN. The collection is 4 made up of 4 cremes that are available individually or in a cute little box set, I really like LCN's box set packaging (you can see it on their site, linked at the end of the post).

Blue Oasis is a turquoise blue creme. Beautiful color and seriously flawless formula. I feel like I have a lot of this type of blue but none of them are as good formula wise as this was. I had no staining with this but it is the type of blue that likes to stain so I'd recommend doubling up on base coat. I used 1 coat for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Fiery Cumin is a spicy orange according to LCN. This is my favorite of the quad, it's the most unique of the bunch. The formula again was really great, it was nearly opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 coats but the 2nd was hardly needed. Both photos below are in natural sunlight.


Hot Chili is a classic red creme. The formula again, was great! You could probably get away with 1 coat if you're careful with this one. I only needed 2 because of the staining on my nails...for some reason I always have issues with red covering the staining I have. Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

Pink Pepper is a jewel-toned magenta creme. The formula was great on this one too, LCN really impressed me with the formulas on these 4! I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight. 

The Shades of Desert Collection is available now on the LCN website, you can order them in a box set of all 4 polishes for $24.90 or they are available individually for $7.50 each.


  1. I love how the blue oasis turns out in the picture... If only I could get them here... pooo

  2. Blue Oasis is really cute! I love that color!


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