September 4, 2013

Fall 2013 OPI, China Glaze, Zoya & Essie Comparisons

Hi guys! Today I have a ton of comparisons for you, these are for all of the Fall 2013 Collections I've reviewed so far including OPI, China Glaze, Zoya & Essie. There were a bunch that you guys wanted to see that unfortunately I couldn't do for reasons like not owning the polishes you wanted to see compared or just not being able to find them in my stash. For those that requested ones I didn't do I hope you're able to find them on another blog!

Small note about these comparisons, sometimes the differences in polishes are slight and more noticeable in person than in photos. When this is the case I mention it, sometimes things just don't translate in photos as obviously as they do in person! Check out all the comparisons after the jump!

*some polishes in this post were press samples, some were purchased by me*

China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure vs China Glaze Urban Night vs OPI Vant To Bite My Neck. No dupes between these 3,  Urban Night is lighter and more reddish and Vant To Bite My Neck is more blue tones. I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo.

China Glaze Goldie but Goodie vs China Glaze I'm Not Lion. No dupes here in color or finish. I used 1 coat of Goldie But Goodies and 2 of I'm Not Lion for the photo below.

China Glaze Gossip Over Gimlets vs OPI Haven't The Foggiest vs OPI Designer De Better. No dupes between these 3 either. Haven't The Foggiest is darker and more grey than the other two. Designer De Better is somewhat similar to Gossip Over Gimlets but the flakes of shimmer is pretty different which gives it a bit of a darker appearance. I used 2 coats of each polish for the photos below. The first photo is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

China Glaze Red-y & Willing vs OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress.  These are similar but not dupes, I'm Not Really A Waitress is more of a true red than Red-y & Willing is. I used 1 coat of each polish for the photo below. The difference between these 2 was more noticeable in person.

China Glaze Rendezvous With You vs Zoya Neeka. Clearly no dupes here, they are very different in both the finish and the shade of purple. I used 1 coat of Rendezvous With You and 2 coats of Neeka for the photo.

China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo vs Zoya Tinsley vs OPI Rally Pretty Pink. No dupes here either, Tinsley is more golden coraly orange (hows that for a description lol), Rally Pretty Pink is warmer and has more golden shimmer/glitter. I actually thought Rally Pretty Pink was going to be closer than it ended up being, I forgot how crazy that shimmer was. I used 1 coat of Strike Up A Cosmo and 3 of Tinsley and Rally Pretty Pink for the photos below. The first photo is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe vs China Glaze Immortal. Cashmere Bathrobe is much darker than Immortal, the shimmer is also quite different! I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo.

Zoya Mason vs Orly Beautiful Disaster vs China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine vs Essie The Lace Is On.  The only 2 close ones here are Mason and The Lace Is On. Mason is slightly darker and the finish is  touch more shimmery but they are so close that you don't need both. I used 2 coats for each polish for the photo.

OPI DS Lapis vs Zoya Sunshine vs China Glaze Skyscraper. Sunshine and Lapis are fairly close, the base is a bit different though..Sunshine is more like a denim blue and Lapis leans more metallic. They are very close though, unless you REALLY like blue you don't need both. I decided to throw in Skyscraper too, in the bottle next to DS Lapis they looked pretty close, clearly that wasn't the case on the nail. I used 2 coats of DS Lapis and Sunshine and 3 coats of Skyscraper for the photo below. I did not use top coat over any of the polishes for the photo.

OPI Embarca Dare Ya vs OPI Ali's Big Break vs OPI You Only Live Twice. No dupes here,  all 3 are different shades of pink/red and different finishes! I used 2 coats of each for the photo.

OPI In The Cable Car Pool Lane vs OPI Anti-Bleak vs OPI Casino Royale. In the bottle Casino Royale and In The Cable Car Pool Lane looked like they would be dupes for sure in the bottle but on the nail they weren't as close as I thought they would be....I think it's due to the difference in finish. Casino Royal is a straight up creme while In The Cable Car Pool Lane is more of a crelly. All 3 are pretty close and you definitely don't need all of them.  I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo.

OPI In The Cable Car Pool Lane vs OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not vs China Glaze Purr-fect Plum. Color wise Purr-fect Plum is the closest to In The Cable Car Pool Lane, I wouldn't call them dupes due to the difference in finish but don't need both. Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not isn't really similar at all!  I used 2 coats for each polish. 

OPI Incognito In Sausalito vs Essie After School Boy Blazer vs American Apparel Passport Blue vs OPI Roadhouse Blues. Alright, so these 4 are not dupes but they are all very similar...similar enough to not need all of them. Incognito In Sausalito and After School Boy Blazer are the closest dupes of the 4 but not quite as close as they look in the photo. After School Boy Blazer was a bit darker and looked a bit more black next to Incognito In Sausalito (they are seriously very close though, I'm just nit picking!). Roadhouse Blues was more purple toned than the other 3,  and Passport Blue was lighter than the other 3...those slight difference were easier to see in person than it is to see in the photo. I used 2 coats for each polish.

OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay vs China Glaze First Mate vs OPI I Saw...You Saw...We Saw...Warsaw. No dupes here, First Mate was pretty close to Keeping Suzi At Bay but it's a touch darker and a little bit more dusty. Warsaw is much darker! I used 2 coats for each polish.

OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay vs China Glaze Manhunt vs Seche Wonderfully Witty. No exact dupes here either, Manhunt is also pretty close to Keeping Suzi at Bay but it's a little bit brighter (it's slight but more noticeable in person). I used 2 coats of each polish.

OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay vs OPI OPI...Eurso Euro vs OPI Dating A Royal. No exact dupes here either. OPI...Eurso Euro was darker and more purpled and Dating A Royal is a little bit lighter and also a different finish (It's a jelly). I used 3 coats of Dating A Royal and 2 coats of the other 2 polishes for the photo.

OPI Lost on Lombard vs Zoya Pepper vs OPI Skyfall vs China Glaze Brownstone.  Lost On Lombard is more red and not as brown toned as the other polishes here. Skyfall and Pepper are pretty darn close though, Skyfall is the slightest bit darker but not by much...the difference was more noticeable in person but was very slight. Brownstone while close to both Skyfall and Pepper was more brown than both which is failing to translate in the photo. I used 2 coats for each polish.

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall vs OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest vs Vamperstdam. No dupes here, Every Month Is Oktoberfest is the closest of anything I could find but the base is quite different and the shimmer is more hidden. I used 2 coats of each for the photo below.

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall vs OPI Germanicure by OPI vs OPI Black Tie Optional. No dupes here! I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo!

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall vs OPI Midnight In Moscow vs Nicole by OPI Shoot For The Maroon. No dupes here either though I feel like Muir Muir On The Wall is kinda like Midnight In Moscow on steroids! I used 2 coats of Muir Muir On The wall and Shoot For The Maroon and 3 coats of Midnight In Moscow for the photo below.

OPI Peace & Love & OPI vs. Essie For The Twill Of It vs Zoya Ki. Ki is the oddball here, it's more purple/green than either of the other polishes. Peace & Love & OPI and For The Twill Of It are I'd say like 98% dupes, I feel like Peace & Love & OPI might be a little bit more green toned but it's seriously so slight that you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart in person. If I could only pick 1 of these I'd go with the OPI, formula wise it was the best. I used 2 coats of Peace & Love & OPI and For The Twill Of It and 3 coats of Ki for the photos below. The first photo is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

Zoya Flynn vs OPI San Tan-Tonio. I'd call these 2 dupes...on the nail and in the bottle I couldn't tell them apart! Formula wise they are also pretty much the same so I'd just get whichever is easiest to find! I used 2 coats for each polish.

Zoya Giovanna vs Zoya Zuza. No dupes here, I wouldn't even call these similar! I used 2 coats for each polish.

Zoya Livingston vs Sation Napolean Dyna-matte vs Essie Twin Sweater Set. No dupes between these 3, the differences were more noticeable in person than in the photo. Livingston and Twin Sweater Set are pretty close but Twin Sweater Set is a little bit darker.  These would make a nice subtle ombre! I used 2 coats of each.

Zoya Neve vs China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans vs Zoya Tart vs Zoya Song.  No dupes here either, next to the other 3 polishes Neve looks very purple. I didn't realize how purple toned it actually was until I had it next to the others. I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo.

Last up is Zoya Sailor vs Zoya Natty. No dupes here either, Natty is lighter and more grey toned. I used 2 coats for each polish.

Finally...if you're wondering why I didn't do any comparisons for China Glaze Queen B it's because Queen B died :(

I didn't notice the bottle was broken until all the polish has spilled out into the box I had all these polishes in (that was a HUGE mess lol).

RIP Queen B...good thing you weren't a fantastical color, I doubt I'll miss you very much haha

Hope these comparisons were helpful for you...if there is anything I can personally take from this post it's that I own WAY TOO MUCH blue nail polish!! If I didn't do the comparison you were looking for I'm very sorry, I hope you can find it on another blog!
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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for putting all these comparisons together - it's a huge help and has made my wallet happy :)

  2. Thank you! This helped me with my wish list :-)

  3. Great comparison of the two collections! :)

  4. Jen, thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us! It helps us save money and/or decide which polish in a collection is worth buying! :D

  5. Epic comparison post!! I was debating whether to buy Incognito in Sausalito but I just bought Essie After School Boy Blazer so now I know I don't need both! And Zoya Flynn has just made my wish list!

  6. These are fabulous. Thanks for doing them!

  7. Well, you did a gigantic job! Amazing and useful as usual even though right now I'm on a nail polish diet plus no new colour attracts me, apart from China Glaze Tongue & Chic ;)

  8. Thanks for such a huge comparison post! can never own too many blue polishes ;)

  9. Awesome comparison post as always! Thanks for doing Road House Blue! My first OPI DS arrived yesterday. I got it in Extravagance. Wearing it already! Looking at your Winter/Holiday 2012 comparison post makes me want to pick up Zoya Aurora now!

  10. Wow! I'm impressed by so much thoroughness! How long that must be for you to put on each polish, take the pictures, remove the polish, and start over again!
    Thank you for such accurate information. :)
    And for info, I think that "Misa Vivacious" would probably be a dupe for "OPI Skyfall" and "Zoya Pepper".

  11. Bianca Della LíberaSeptember 4, 2013 at 7:45 AM

    That was great! I'll save some money after this post...

  12. so much work, but these are some of the most helpful posts and i refer to your blog hundreds of times (not only for comparisons, but this is THE place i come if i need to see one!). for me, it not only helps to see which new colors i don't really need, but it also helps to see if a new color is similar enough to an older, maybe HTF color from my wish list! thank you for all the time you put into these types of posts!!.

  13. Thanks! Now I know I don't need OPI DS Lapis! You just saved me $12! I think they are $12???

  14. Amazing job! I love these posts.

  15. You're pretty amazing. Thanks for all the work! And oh, can you depot the last one and rescue it? Its just so sad, poor thing.

  16. nope, it was all spilled out by the time I found it. I'm not too upset about it though thankfully!

  17. Thank you SO much for this epic post - so glad to know what I need and don't need. I think I'll be picking up Zoya Sunshine instead of DS Lapis, and I'm glad to know the difference between all of my favourite purples of the fall! (And yeah, I have a LOT of blue as well =P)

  18. WOW!!! I'm sure that took a LOT of work. Well done. Thank you for a wonderful post!

  19. Wow Wow! Thanks for doing these- such a helpful post!!

  20. Thanks so much - I only bought 2 of the OPI fall 2013 because they reminded me so much of many that I have...I so appreciate you keeping your older polishes so you can do this for those of us who have yrs of shades...and it helps those who think they have a lemming for an old one - then they can find one that is close to what they have been lemming and save some $.

  21. Wow this is such a great post. First of all, sooo many comparisons! You are a doll for going through that much just to show us which are similar and dupes. I may be blind though because some I thought for sure were dupes but you didn't think so! Like you said, maybe in person you can see it better. But I CAN tell you that this post added 2 new polishes to my "must-have" list!

  22. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedSeptember 4, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    Thank you for all the effort you put into these posts, though I'm not looking for dupes I find these posts extremely interesting and fun to read :)

  23. Epic for sure! Award for best post all year! Thanks! Ps there is NO SUCH THING as too much blue nail polish ;) btw- 1/2 of your page loads are going to be from me looking and re-looking at this!!!

  24. I would have to fully agree with this :)

  25. Ms. Shannon HoughtonSeptember 4, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    AMAZING, thank you so so so so much!!!

  26. It seems like without topcoat, Sunshine and Lapis are dupes, but when I checked your original posts that showed each of them with top coat, it seems like Lapis is much complex than Sunshine. Would you agree?

  27. Definitely, it's much more complex with top coat. Without they aren't really dupes either...the difference in the base is more noticeable in person

  28. I always love your comparison posts, thanks for doing them!! I was wondering how similar Giovanna was to Zuza and I'm glad to see they are very different :)

  29. WOW! You deserve some kind of nail blogging award for this one... but I'm not in charge of that stuff, so I hope you'll settle for a permanent spot on my bookmark bar :) I've been searching the web for comparisons like these. Thanks a million.

  30. may i please request butter london!!! thank you for the comparisons :) it really helps me when i shop for nail polish

  31. I always love these posts the best! It's a ton of work on your part, but they're great to see! I just bought "Strike Up a Cosmo" over the weekend and plan to try it against my bottle of OPI DS "Opulence" to see how close/far they are on the nail. I also picked up China Glaze "Charmed, I'm Sure," which may be similar to the CG from the Ombre collection, but I think that one was more sheer. We'll see! :)

  32. I was hoping you'd compare After School Boy Blazer with Bobbing for Baubles.

  33. I don't own it, sorry

  34. Did you get rid of it? You have posted a review on it in the past. And when I asked you last week to compare them, you said you would add it to your list.

  35. most likely, I get rid of polishes all the time. I did add it to my list and it looks like I don't own it anymore.

  36. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..... I could go on some more but you get the drift :)

    Now my wish list has been duly edited & colors pulled for use from the stash... bring on the cooler temps please!!!!

  37. this is so helpful i can't even tell you. thanks so much for taking the time to do all of this and photograph it!

  38. WOW! This is the ultimate comparison post! So handy for the nail polish collectors that wonder "do I need this colour?" Great job!

  39. What an incredible post! Thank you for all this swatching! I will def be referring to this often!!


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