September 9, 2013

NOTD: Glow In The Dark Stamping

Hi guys! Today I have a Nail Of The Day (NOTD) for you! Yesterday afternoon when I was done swatching I had on NCLA As If! and was trying to think of some way to jazz it up a bit. I decided I would try some stamping over it, I recently got the Sumptuous stamping plates from Pueen and I've been playing them out quite a bit since they arrived. I used to like stamping when I first started blogging but somewhere along the way I decided I sucked at it and stopped using the plates I had....until recently!

I decided I wanted to try something that I thought was going to be amazing but probably wouldn't actually work...glow in the dark stamping. I remember seeing Sarah from Chalkboard Nails do something similar ages ago but she did a glow in the dark base polish with black stamping over can see her post here! I wanted to stamp with a glow in the dark over a regular base polish. In my heart I was like "oh yeah this is going to look freaking awesome" but in my head I was like "lol no, Jen". I didn't think it would work because typically glow in the dark polish is very sheer and I didn't think it would transfer a design very well.

So here you go guys...IT WORKED! I pretty sure this is like the first time I have ever done a mani then walked into the dark garage and said "holy shit this is amazing".

The base polish is NCLA As If! (a light purple), the stamping is done with Serum No. 5 Day Glow (flipping amazing glow in the dark polish, I'll review it soon). The stamp is the leopard print on plate 9 of the Pueen Sumptuous Set (I bought mine from Amazon, you can also get them from Harlow & Co)

Here is the mani in the sun, you can still see the stamping but it's very subtle!

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  1. Love is just not the word, this is amazing!!!

  2. That is FREAKING awesome! Good Job!

  3. Hey, I'm glad it worked! It does look pretty cool! :D

  4. Fabulous! I ordered these plates last week, and I'm pumped to know you are liking them. :) Just got some PMTG GITD polishes as well. Hadn't thought of stamping with them, so I hope they work as well as Day Glow did for you. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love this! This may seem like a dumb question but does a top coat effect the glowing?

  6. Love how the stamping looks in direct sunlight too!

  7. nope, I have top coat over it in my photos...doesn't affect it at all!

  8. That's really cool and it worked so well! I'm currently wearing glow in the dark nail polish from Born Pretty store and I love how the polishes are neon and colourful under natural light conditions but then glow like all hell in the dark. The funniest thing is when I go to bed and get shocked at the glowing bits coming towards my face as I rearrange my pillow and then realise it's my nails! X-P

  9. What works well for stamping, besides this one and the special stamping polishes? (I only know of the konad ones, and they screwed up my order when I got them for my sister.) I've had bad luck with my regular polishes.

  10. most regular polishes will work you just have to give them a's a trial and error kind of thing :/

  11. This is ridiculously cool! Would be perfect for Halloween if the colors were more in the holiday spirit. Seriously, though, this is awesome!

  12. So I borrowed my sister's konad polishes and figured out I was just doing it wrong, lol. I was putting on too much polish for it to scrape off easily. I'm wearing some dark purple Essie (Luxedo) over a tan/gold base. Thanks for the help!


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