September 23, 2013

OPI Halloween 2013 Rock Goddess Mini Set Swatches

Hi guys! Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was nice! Did anyone else watch the Dexter finale? I sure was awful. I actually don't think awful is a good word to describe how bad and disappointing it was. There is seriously nothing worse than loving a show for 8 years and then having it end so I legit think I could have written a better ending (or better entire final season) than whoever was behind this craptastic season. I won't spoil it if you haven't watched it but it was just SO BAD. I'm still mad... I have the OPI Halloween mini set for 213 to share with you! I stumbled across this a few weeks back at my local nail supply store and snatched it right up. The colors aren't anything to write home about but the super cute packaging and free skull bracelet did me in. I might as well have *sucker* stamped across my forehead haha!

This years mini set comes with 3 creme shades and 1 shimmer along with a free skull bracelet. I posted a picture of the packaging on my instagram when I bought it, if you'd like to see it click here! Check out the swatches & reviews after the jump!

Rolling Bones is a shimmer grey, this is a pretty complex shimmer with lots of little bits of other colors that give it the overall grey look. It reminds me a lot of On Her Majesty's Secret Service from last year's Holiday's not quite as blue as that one but very similar in the finish and whatnot. The formula was good but on the sheer side, I used 3 coats for full opacity. The first 2 photos below are in natural sunlight, the 3rd is in the shade.

Stand In Lime For Days is a chartreuse green creme. It kind of reminds me of Fiercely Fiona which I unfortunately don't own so I can't compare them side by side :( The formula was ok, it was on the sheer and streaky side but it did even out after 3 coats. Both photos below are in natural sunlight.

The Drummer Is Hot is a red/orange creme. This is my favorite of the mini set even though it's not super exciting. I guess I've just been in a red/orange mood lately haha! The formula was the best of the set, it was a nice consistency and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

Yellopalooza-is a yellow creme. This reminds me a lot of Need Sunglasses (but much more opaque), it also reminds me of The It Color. The formula was ok, it was a good consistency but like most yellows it was on the streaky side. I used 3 coats to even it out, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Last but not least here is the bracelet that the mini set comes with this year. It's cute. It's easily adjustable so it will fit probably any wrist which is good!

Overall this set gets a "meh" from me...unless you are a sucker like me for cute packaging and a cute bracelet then I'd probably pass on this. The colors aren't unique and the formulas weren't really that great either.

This mini set is available now, I've already seen it on shelves at my local Ulta!


  1. A Girl and Her PolishSeptember 23, 2013 at 4:55 AM

    Your swatches are gorgeous as always, but I am underwhelmed with this collection. They look like redos/renames of ones I already own. :)

  2. These look like leftovers from a summer collection. Meh from me, too

  3. It kills me to have to agree with you about the Dexter ending. I really was hoping for something much more exciting :O( It's a pity it couldn't go out with a BANG instead of a whimper. As far as this "Halloween" collection. I think they could have don't a better job, but the bracelet is cute :~)

  4. This collection is very underwelming

  5. Rolling Bones reminds me of Number one Nemesis from OPI's spiderman collection!

  6. Just watched the season finale. I'm really fuckin pissed, as Debra would say... I'm so sad and disappointed I can hardly face that THIS is the end. I kinda liked the plot of the last season, they could've made a really great story with the evelyn and daniel vogel thing.

  7. from what I remember about Fiercely Fiona is what a bright yellowy green. Maybe I'm mistaken though..wouldn't be the first time lol

  8. I grabbed this set up too...mostly bc I'm a sucker for holiday themed things! I would totally never buy these on their own, lol, except maybe rolling bones. I think it looks like swatches I've seen of My private jet? I think the green one looks like the same one from the niki minaj set (neither of those I have!)

  9. You can compare Stand In Lime with NOPI Ladies in The Limelight which is dupe for Fiercely Fiona. I would say it is most likely closer to Who The Shrek Are You? than Fiercely Fiona. :)

  10. Red Haired Rock HeadOctober 14, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    I think I will get this collection, because my NP collection is still very small and I don' have anything like the creams or Rolling Bones. I'd like to try water marbling all these!

    I'm with you on Dexter. What a lackluster season and appalling ending. Did they stop paying the writers or something? I watch very little television so when I invest in a show I want consistent quality. Showtime, you have let me down.


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