September 1, 2013

Degen's August 2013 BarkBox

Hi guys! Today I have Degen's August BarkBox to share with you! If you've never seen one of these posts from me and have no idea what Barkbox is, its pretty much BirchBox but for dogs! The theme of the box this month was the deep blue sea with the intention of keeping dog dreams of swimming alive with the products inside! Click the read more button below to see everything Degen got in his box along with his shenanigans while I was trying to take photos of his goodies!

 First up is Bully Flakes from Barkworthies. These are pretty much just bully stick flakes, you can sprinkle them over your dogs food for an extra treat or to encourage them to eat their food if they are picky. Degen is like the opposite of picky so we don't have that problem. He was definitely excited about these, they were what he was trying to run away with the most while I was trying to take photos of everything haha!

Next was freeze dried liver munchies from Primal Pet. These say dogs and cats both like them...I can tell you from personal experience that it's true. I think Oreo (my cat) actually liked these more than Degen. They were what I like to call Cat Crack...where Oreo likes something so much he follows me around like he's going to cut me if I don't give him more.  This is something we'll probably buy again...mostly so Oreo doesn't try to murder me (he would, cats are mean)

The last treats in the box this month were Plato Natural Duck Strips. Degen quite liked these too, it was another bag he was trying to run off with while I was taking pictures. I've given Degen a few of these and he's a big fan!

Next up was an Aussie Naturals Floatie Toy shaped like a dolphin.  Honestly Degen didn't care for this he gave it a few sniffs and walked away...this was one of those "no squeaker, no care" moments Degen has. I'll probably end up bringing it to work for one of my co-workers to give to their dog.

Last in the box was Ice Pups from The Honest Kitchen. You can do a couple things with this...mix it with water and make ice cubes or mix it with warm water and make a doggy broth from it. I think Degen will like the ice cubes so I'll probably make these for him next time he's going to be outside with me out in the sun for a while!

As always here are some extra photos...I took these while attempting to take the photos you just saw above. It's no easy task...this is kind of a sequences of events that happen to get to the photos I post of the actual products in the box.

Degen is not happy that I won't let him immediately rip into the box...

Then he gets to sniff around..usually he tries to take off with something around this time.

Next I arrange everything all purty like and attempt to make Degen stand next to the box looking cute. Usually he rebels and half of the photos are of him mid-bark or winding up for a bark

Then comes the fun part...taking photos of the products. I set them in the box and Degen thinks it means I am displaying them for him to come take.

Occasionally he sits there trying to look like a nice innocent dog...

That act doesn't last long...

at all...

Finally I try to offer him a nice head scratch so he'll go away...clearly this bores him.

Eventually he surrenders...or he's just tried out from me chasing him around the yard in an attempt to get the treats back (probably this)

Overall other than the toy Degen liked (or will probably like) everything in the box...I think it was a good month!

If you want to order BarkBox for your dog head over to, the subscription price varies from $19-$29 depending on the subscription length you sign up for!


  1. OMG I love Degen....I'm going to have to sign up for this for my Hank! I hope they have one for a 200lb dog...I think Hank would laugh at these portions! LOL

  2. Adam Huckleberry ChenevertSeptember 1, 2013 at 6:32 AM

    he's a good boy

  3. Degen is so cute I wanna eat him up! I'm most interested in the last item that you can make the little ice cubes with. Sometimes I i blend greek yogurt and peanut butter and freeze in an ice tray for my dog in the summer so i'm sure Degen will love those.

  4. Your Degen posts always crack me up! He's adorable!! :D

  5. I love Degen's bark box unveilings, so I can see his little cutesy face!!

  6. I am going to steal your dog fyi...omg <3

  7. Nice box for Degen! He's so cute :)

  8. I'm going to give that a try, I bet he would love it!

  9. They have a "big" dog option, not sure if the portions are bigger though. I bet Hank would still like it! :D

  10. I think these are his cutest pictures yet! :)

  11. Aww Degen is so cute!! ;) I can't wait to get a dog - my bestie shows me her dog's Bark Box and it's like the coolest thing ever. I wish there was a Meow Box...but I bet that's not nearly as marketable with cats being so picky LOL. I could see one of my cats liking anything out of it, but my other would be like "Pfft." Although I'm sure the box itself would suffice.

  12. Hah! Reading this I was engrossed in the blooper reel pictures and I actually thought, 'oh Degen's Mum likes nail polish too' I'd forgotten you were the Polish Aholic! My excuses are Degen is so gorgeous I get hung up making my husband look at pictures of him, and I am getting old. Good news though, a barkbox alike has arrived in the U.K, it's called Pooch Pack and I have ordered Bert's first box, I hope he likes it like Degen liked the Duck Strips :)

  13. hehe <33 Hope Bert likes his pooch pack! I'm glad that things like this are finally becoming available outside the US!

  14. There is a "best friend box" that has a cat version! I haven't tried it out though :)

  15. Hahaha! I love these posts. Degen is too cute!

  16. caseylanelovespolishSeptember 1, 2013 at 8:35 PM

    I love these posts!!! Degen is awesome!!!!

  17. Haha, you're so right. My cats would be happy with only a box arriving.

  18. Cristina ImpoverishedSeptember 2, 2013 at 1:22 AM

    I love seeing pics of Degan, he's so cute! I may try out those liver treats, my spoiled kitty would probably enjoy them!

  19. Awesome post once again :D. Would love to see Oreo sometime too!

  20. I love your BarkBox posts, Degen's just too cute <3

  21. Sadly, although it was all great and very well packed, nice organic treats, a lot of it had a fruit or vegetable theme, and Bert never met a meat he's didn't like. There were mango and something dried strips, a bit like the liver flat strips you get but dried fruit, he tried that but wasn't keen, the coconut pieces (?) got me a straight on look of 'excuse me Mum?'. There was a shampoo product, a tough chewy toy, and some packets of little bones which were also mainly veggie based, he can take or leave them. I'm going to look on the website and make sure they're not vegetarian things, and maybe try one more, but Bert could have 25 packs of the soft chicken chews (the flat ones that break up easily) for the price of one box per month. Hope you and Degen are well.


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