September 11, 2013

Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

Hi guys! Today I have Cosmic Forces from Emily de Molly for ya! I finally managed to snag this last time Llarowe had a restock! Cosmic Forces is a beautiful purple jelly with lavender holo circle and hex glitter along with pink circle glitter. This had been on my wish list for ages, it's just as pretty as I imagined it was going to be...I'm pretty  much in love with the purple jelly base and the depth the glitter gives this.

The formula was unfortunately not my favorite. Much like Oceanic Forces I found the large circle glitter near impossible to get out of the bottle. I thought I'd be good by setting the bottle upside down for almost an hour before applying but didn't help at all. I ended up dumping out some of the polish onto a plate and then fishing out the big circles from that. I do like the way this ended up looking, like I mentioned above...but I just wish the formula was easier to work with. I've had Emily de Molly Dark Forces (the black version of this) on my wishlist for a while too but I think I'll be removing it from that since the last 2 polishes like it were such a pain to work with. :(

I used 2 coats for the photos below, the first 2 photos are in natural sunlight and the last photo is in the shade.

Emily de Molly is available at Llarowe, this polish was $13
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  1. I people that circle glitter never goes away because I will never stop loving it! I have this polish but haven't tried it yet! Shame on me!

  2. I love EdM polishes, but these are not my favorites...
    Just not loving the big circle glitter and I've heard lots of people complaining they can't get them out. Shame, but her other polishes rock!

  3. Wauw, wat een gaaf effect heeft dit lakje.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. Too bad these are so hard to work with! The purple color is delicious but I am not a huge fan of the big circle glitter so this is an easy pass for me :).

  5. That really sucks that this is so hard to work with and get the circles out, that's what draws me to this polish. I think I will be removing this from my wishlist for good now... It's not worth it to me if you have to pour out/waste polish in order to get the circles.

  6. I've had really good luck with the Forces polishes by turning them upside down and giving them two or three really violent shakes. The big circles come right out. And Dark Forces is my fave of the three by far -- I wear it over a black base.

  7. Kelsey @ Polished PrescriptionSeptember 11, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    This polish is so gorgeous. I love the huge circle glitters. The name is perfect! Such a shame about the formula though.

  8. So pretty!!! But I have to echo everyone else and say it's too darn bad the formula is so difficult to work with... :(

  9. I think the biggest culprit here is the brush. Because when I got Flutterby Garden (which was my biggest lemming ever!) I couldn't get a butterfly to save my life! After flipping it upside down for 20 minutes, I finally had a little pile of butterflies at the top! But to my suprise, I still couldn't get them out - they literally slid right off of the brush :(
    Oceanic Forces was another horrendous experience. I remember thinking I had a bad one, bc I didn't seem to have any big glitter (or if I did, it just wasn't comming out).
    But then I did a mani using Cosmic Forces and Dark Forces, and those were easier, I managed to get some big glitters out and onto my nail. BUT, with those 2 I used an orangewood stick to stir it up and fish out the big glitters (I forgot to mention that last time)

    I'm going to try again with Flutterby Garden and Oceanic Forces using an orangewoood stick. I'll post my results on your Facebook page. If it works, then maybe it is just the brush. If it doesn't, well then I guess those 2 will have to just sit on on my shelves and remain as eye candy :(

  10. I got my EdM polishes last week and immediately put on Oceanic Forces. I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't have that much of a problem with the circle glitter. Like Mary said, I just turned them upside down and gave it a couple of shakes, and I was able to get them out. I definitely had to place them on the nail, though.

    I didn't have any other problems with application, by the way - the glitter payoff was great and it suspends really nicely in the gel and looks SO PRETTY. I can't wait to try Cosmic Forces. =)

  11. Like I said in the post, I put my bottle upside down for almost an hour before applying it. I also shook it and nothing helped. Glad your bottle wasn't as tricky as mine!

  12. Yeah, i hated this polish. Like really hated. I wanted to love it, it was pretty on, but i couldn't get the polish to level off or the large dots, I had to fish them out, which dried the polish out. I found if I used seche restore it made it a little better. Also, it dyed my nails pink for a bit. I definitely used a good base coat. Either sticky, or anchor. I'm glad you gave it an honest review.

  13. Sorry to hear about the big glitters, I've had that problem with polishes of my own, too. Gorgeous though!

  14. I agree - the glitters are a bit of a pain, I think it's because they are too big (heavy) and slide off the brush. Maybe opening the bottle for a bit will help to thicken the polish, make it more viscose and help the glitters stick? I have given all my "forces" away due to this issue - the only time I have had any problems with EdM polish

  15. Thanks for the honest review! I just got Miasma from Femme Fatale, another polish with big circles, and it was horrendous. I hated the whole experience of trying to put it on. Will be striking this off my wishlist now too. :/


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