September 25, 2013

GlitterDaze Lucky Clover

Hi guys! Short but sweet post for you today featuring a beautiful polish from GlitterDaze called Lucky Clover. Lucky Clover is a gorgeous emerald green jelly packed with green flecks of glitter. Be still my heart! Sana, the maker of GlitterDaze, included this as a surprise for me and OMG I am loving it! She knows me well :D

The formula was good, it was a bit on the sheer side due to the jelly base but it was easy to build it up to be opaque. You can also layer this over another green if that's more your style. I used 3 coats of Lucky Clover on its own for the photos below!

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Sunlight

Lighting: Shade
GlitterDaze is available at, you can also find them at and


  1. It's really pretty, but I'd layer it over a creme base. The slightly yellowish tips under sunlight kinda bothers me TBH ^^;;

  2. that's so pretty!!! it looks lie Takko's lacquer bottle tho


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