September 20, 2013

Serum No. 5 FW13 Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have the Serum No. 5 FW13 Collection to share with you guys! I'm pretty excited about it, Serum No. 5 is really well known for their awesome glow in the dark polishes and it's a brand I've been wanting to try for ages. I really love the polishes Serum No. 5 puts out but aside from that I love that each month Victoria (maker of Serum No. 5) donates 20% of the profits from her sales to's polish you can feel good about buying! For September the charity Victoria is donating to is Make A Wish, October is Susan G. Komen and November/December is No Kid Hungry!

The FW13 Collection is 10 polishes in total, 1 of them is special for Breast Cancer Awareness and will only be available through October. The Collection is being released tonight so let's have a look at it!

 Check out all the swatches by clicking the read more button below!

A Cup Of Teal is a blue holo. This is slightly metallic and very holo, much more holo than it photographs. The formula was great, it was the perfect consistency and really easy to apply. The opacity was also great, I used 2 coats for the photos below. All photos are in natural sunlight. 

Acai Of Relief is a blue/purple duochrome. The duochrome was slight but more apparent than my camera could pick up. The formula was good, it was a bit on the sheer side on the first coat but it built up really easily. I used 3 coats for full opacity.

Lighting: Shade

Lighting: Shade

Atomic Peach is a light peach glow in the dark polish. I really love the shade of peach, it's a nice neutral because of how light it is. The glow is pretty fantastical with this, it gives off a nice green glow that is strong and lasts for what seems like forever. I wore this last week and woke up in the middle of the night and it was still glowing. The formula was good, it was a bit on the streaky side but it evened out in 3 coats. This did dry to a satin matte finish, my swatches are with top did not affect the glow. 

please excuse the slight blur...glow in the dark is a pain to photograph lol

Best Witches is a grey jelly base packed with purple, yellow,holographic and white glitter. This is a fun halloween-ish polish, I love the name haha! The formula was good, it was a great consistency and the opacity and glitter payoff was great. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Lighting: Shade

Jaded is a light green holo. Like A Cup Of Teal this also has a nice metallic base. This was much more holo in person, I tried take a couple weirdly angled photos so you could actually see it lol! The formula was great, it was a perfect consistency! I used 2 coats for the photos below, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Mauvelous is a pink holo. This also has a metallic base, like the other 2 holos it's much better and more holographic in person! The formula was again really nice, as was the opacity. I used 2 coats for the photos below, all photos are in natural sunlight.

Pink Lantern is a light pink that glows orange in the dark. This is the shade for Breast Cancer Awareness, so if you want it make sure you don't waste time getting it! The formula was good, it was a little bit patchy at first but it was completely evened out and opaque in 3 coats.This dried to a satin matte finish, my photos are with top coat. The shade photo is most accurate to the shade of pink!

Lighting: Shade

Rise and Grind is a shimmery golden brown base with copper and white glitter. I feel like this is one you need to see in person because photos just don't do it much justice. It's a really interesting mix of glitter, I really like it. The formula was good, it was more opaque than I expected, I thought it might need undies but it didn't! I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Lighting: Shade

Samba-dy To Love is red, purple, orange and blue glitter in a clear base. When I look at those colors together I feel like they won't work but they actually do work together pretty nicely. The formula was good, it wasn't thick. The glitter payoff was great! I used 1 coat over Cult Nails Tempest for the photos below, all photos are in the shade.

Second Spring is an off white crelly base with a golden shimmer and a mix of various sizes/shapes/colors of spring friendly glitters. In So Cal it's pretty much always spring/summer like weather so this is something I'd definitely wear year round. I really like the mix of glitter in this and the shimmer that peeks through.  The formula was good, it wasn't thick and it was easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Lighting: Shade

The Serum No. 5 FW13 Collection will be available starting today (September 20th) at 6PM PST on the Serum No. 5 website: . You can also find Serum No. 5 at various etailers (I don't know the launch date of this collection for them). Etailers include:


  1. Great swatches! I'm in love with Best Witches, and the colour looks like you could wear it to work and get away with it (I'm always looking for that!). Thanks for introducing me to a new brand, I'd never heard of Serum No 5.

  2. Love this collection! My favs from these are Second Spring and Samba-dy To Love! :D

  3. yay, glad you like them! You should check out their older polishes also. Victoria makes a lot of really unique and interesting glow in the dark polishes!

  4. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedSeptember 20, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    Your swatches are so perfect!! Loving these polishes, second spring is beyond gorgeous and I really like the glow in the dark polishes, they sound like too much fun :)

  5. These are really gorgeous colors! I especially love Best Witches and Second Spring.

  6. Wow! I love Best Witches and Second Spring! I'm a sucker for glitter, and Serum No. 5 is a new one for me :) Thanks for swatching it!


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