October 11, 2013

Degen's September 2013 BarkBox

Happy Friday! Today I have Degen's September BarkBox to share with you guys! There was a little issue with my subscription so our September box didn't get here until October but BarkBox customer service was great and fixed everything up for us...A+ for their CS! The September box was inspired by elementary school days and it includes puzzle toys, first aid goodies and cookies (of course, can't not have treats right!). Check out what Degen got in his box after the jump!

First up is Tuscan Pizza flavored treats from Wagatha's. These are wheat, corn and soy free along with being made of USDA organic ingredients. Degen is fan of these, no one is surprised by that, right? haha!

Next is the IQ Ball from Out Pet's, this is a toy that you fill with kibble or treats and your dog is supposed to try to figure out how to get them out. It's a puzzle game for them. I think Degen sees this as a torture device though to be honest. There is a video below of him trying to figure it out....eventually he was just like eff this and barked at me until I felt like a jerk and gave him the cookies. Very entertaining for me but I'm sure Degen hates me the whole time he's trying to get the cookies out.

Next in the box was VetraCare Pet's liquid bandage. This is pretty much bandaids for animals...I didn't already have something like this around the house so it'll be nice to have if Degen ever hurts himself somehow...or if Oreo goes all ninja cat on him one day. I really like that BarkBox includes practical things like this in the boxes every now and then.

Last was three treats, a venison ear from Superior Farms, an Angus Tendon from Barkworthies and Deer Chew from Etta Says. Degen was most excited about these, he's already enjoyed the Deer Chew and the Angus Tendon!

This next item wasn't actually in Degen's box this month but it's from BarkBox and Degen has been OBSESSED with it. Every month BarkBox sends out a survey about all the items in the box and after the August box I had said in the survey  how Degen had been disappointed in the toys that had come in the boxes the last few months. I didn't expect anything from it...I just like giving feedback. Anyway, a lovely lady from BarkBox emailed me and asked if she could send Degen a toy he might like (again, amazing CS!).

The toy that she sent is a whale from Hear Doggy, it's pretty neat because the squeaker in it squeaks at a frequency that dogs can hear but humans can't. Degen is cray for squeakers and that can get really annoying, I like that with this he can squeak his little heart out and I can't hear it. If your dog is like Degen I'd highly recommend this toy, I already bought a few more from Amazon! Big thank you to Erin at BarkBox for this toy, Degen loves it (and I do also!)

Now onto the part of these posts you guys like the best, Degen antics!In case you ever wondered about how excited Degen is to get his BarkBox I think the photo below sums it up pretty well. I think he is saying "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!"

Here are a couple photos of Degen investigating his box of goodies!

Here he is enjoying his Deer Chew, he loved that thing. He ate the whole stick in about 5 minutes!

As something a little different I thought I'd do some videos of Degen unboxing and playing with some of the things he got in his box. If you guys like these let me know and I can try and make Degen cooperate for doing them more often!

First is Degen unboxing his goodies...he literally took everything out of the box and set it aside...it was funny. I was like Degen have you been watching Youtube? He looked like one of those beauty girls unboxing something lol. Once he got to the stick from Barkworthies he was like okay I'm done and tried to rip that open to eat it. In case the embeded video below doesn't work here is the link: http://youtu.be/E9LY8OoAVFU

Next is a video of Degen trying to get cookies out of that IQ Ball, he got so frustrated...poor guy lol! He finally figured out how to get the cookies out later in the day when I tortured him with this again.

If you want to sign your dog up for BarkBox make sure you visit BarkBox.com!


  1. So fat and cute! Your dog is adorable and his bark is hilarious! I would love videos of him and his barkbox to be a regular thing!

  2. I loved the video of Degen taking inventory! So cute!

  3. So cute, I love the unboxing video where he takes everything out. I once saw my friends dog do that with all of his toys that were in a little basket and it was the cutest thing :)

  4. Degen is so cute!! I love the end of that video where he's just like "I'm done, you deal with it, and as your reward I'm going to give you this pathetically frustrated look....". Love it!

  5. Degen doing the unboxing is so cute, haha.

  6. He's adorable and I love that you left them feedback and they sent you a super cool toy! I have been considering signing up for this box but hearing about the great CS may just make me get it for my dog for Christmas!

  7. Hilarious videos! The unboxing was so cute, but the other one had me laughing. I'm amazed he tried as much as he did. I think that would be good for my two dogs to have during the day when they're cooped up when we're at work. I'm an idiot and left a new small plant where they knocked it over and ate it, where they'd left it alone before. That was a good night, coming home to a kitchen floor (and dogs) covered in dirt. LOL! Please keep up the Bark Box reviews and Degen videos!

  8. I usually don't like the BarkBox posts because I am all about the nails...but that video did me in! He is so adorable, taking those goodies out one at a time!

  9. Awww Degen playing with that ball - I love the little vids! Keep doing them pretty please <3.

  10. That Hear Doggy toy is like a godsend. Degen loves it so much and I don't have to hear the squeaking win/win lol

  11. I know I'm a bit late but just want to say I LOVED the videos! I really like how he takes each item out the box one by one? I think he was jacked off that all the good things were wrapped up so he couldn't eat them right away. He does a lot of dragging himself along on his belly, that was funny too. Glad he worked it out eventually, or fluked it, one or the other!

  12. thank you! Usually he drags himself like that when he wants butt scratches lol

  13. THAT DARN WHALE!!! I love the thing , Cadence my Cavalier gets the barkbox, and she is OBSESSED with the unsqueaky squeaky whale!!! I am so happy about it :) because it allows me to watch NCIS in peace :)

  14. Isn't it the best?!? I'm so glad Degen likes that toy because it's amazing for my sanity lol!!


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