October 22, 2013

Girly Bits Elephant Shoe & OVbunEN

Hi guys! Today I have a couple polishes from Girly Bits to share with you! These 2 are available individually or as a duo! I was pretty excited about these because the glitter is fab and the other is a creme. I love when indies to creme polishes, maybe that's boring but I don't care, I love creme polishes so I was excited to try out Pam's cremes!

Check out more photos of these 2 polishes after the jump!

Elephant Shoe is a grey creme. Not only is this the perfect base for OVbunEN but it will be a good base for a ton of other glitters along with just being beautiful on it's own. The formula was great, it was a really nice consistency and not streaky at all. The opacity was also good, I used 2 coats for the photos below, both photos are in natural sunlight.

OVbunEN is light blue, light pink, light yellow and light green satin matte glitter in a clear base. I love the combo of glitter colors and there are a lot of different shapes of glitter going on, like hex glitter and diamond glitter. Mostly I just love the name of this, I wish I knew someone who was expecting so I could give this to them as a gift. The formula was good, it wasn't thick and the glitter payoff was great. I used 1 coat over Elephant Shoe for the photos below.

Lighting: Shade

Elephant Shoe and OVbunEN are available individually or as a duo for a little bit cheaper at http://www.girlybitscosmetics.com/. You can also find Girly Bits at Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Mei Mei's Signatures, Overall Beauty, Femme Fatale, Foxy Fingertips and Maria Gastaderia.


  1. Ha! Love the name OVbunEN, how cute and creative!

  2. The more I see this dup, the more I like it! They go so well together, and you are right, that creme is stunning all by itself.

  3. i want that grey! i'm a grey polish hoarder.. and the glitter would be such a cute gift for pregnant friends!


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