December 24, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Pinball Wizard & Wrapped In Red

Hi guys! Today I have a couple polishes from Lumina Lacquer to share with you! This is a new to me brand, they had a booth at the Love Preview event last month and I happened wander by it and had to stop when some of their glitters caught my eye! I ended up buying 2 polishes after a few minutes of hemming and hawing over several of them!

Pinball Wizard is a multi colored glitter bomb. This is packed with matte glitter in every color, shape, and size you can imagine. There is everything from star glitter to hex and moon glitter in here. The formula was good, it was very glitter dense and easy to get a lot of glitter onto the brush and nail. I did have issues with the glitter all wanting to clump together so it's a polish you do have to be patient with. I used 1 coat over Formula X Eureka for the photos below.

Lighting: Shade

Wrapped In Red is a red base with red shimmer and a sprinkle of holo and red holographic glitter. This is such a gorgeous shade, I almost didn't get it because it didn't look that special under the lighting at the club where Love Preview was but I'm so glad I ended up picking it up! The formula was fantastic, it was a good consistency and super opaque. I used  1 coat plus top coat for the photos below.

Lumina Lacquer is available at


  1. oooh I love Pinball Wizard

  2. Charlotte MacDonald-GauntDecember 24, 2013 at 4:43 AM

    What a fun top coat - like confetti! Xx

  3. Gorgeous colors! The gliters are so special.

  4. Love that glitter! How fun is that ;D

  5. I love Pinball Wizard, that polish looks absolutely beautiful on your nails.
    I love all the different colors of sparkle!
    Your nails look perfect
    Xx julia

  6. I'm not a red fan but that red is running and I would buy it!

    Happy holidays!!

  7. i'm so into matte glitters lately! they're so cool!

  8. Both are right up my alley! :D I need both of them!

  9. That red is a stunner indeed! I love shades like that :).


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