December 14, 2013

Dandy Nails Swatches

Hi guys! Happy weekend!! Tonight I'm going up to the LA area to look at Christmas lights. There is this area in Woodland Hills called Candy Cane Lane and the homeowners over there just go insane, it's amazing. I used to go here with my parents when I was little but I haven't been in years so I'm pretty excited! If you're in the LA/OC area and like Christmas lights you should check it out!

Today I have 6 holotastic polishes from Dandy Nails to share with you! I briefly met Sandy from Dandy nails last month at Love, Preview and she asked if I wanted to try these out so I said sure...I love me some holos after all! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

The formula of all 6 of these was great, the consistency of all of them was good and they were easy to apply. The opacity was all good across the board and I used 2 coats for each polish. All photos are without top coat and in natural sunlight.

Betrayed Desires is a dark blue holo. This has a bit of a dusty metallic tone to it, and it's much more holo in person!

Gravity Centered is a green holo. This is a bit of a brighter green than my camera was able to pick up, I think it's because it was so holo!

Love Affair is a dark red holo. This has a nice metallic shimmer to it and a touch of dustyness that I really enjoy.

Sweater Weather is a light blue holo. This one was nearly a 1 coater for me, if you have shorter nails than I do you  could probably easily get away with just 1 coat.

This Real Forever is a purple holo. This one is so much more holo than it looks, all the photos I managed to get that actually showed the holo for what it was were blurry :(

Thrill of It is a taupe brown holo. This is my favorite of all 6, it was SO holo...the most rainbow-y of the bunch!

Dandy Nails is available on etsy, here, you can also find them on Ninja Polish!


  1. WOW! Dandy hit a GRAND SLAM on these polishes! GENIUS!

  2. Beautiful!! I am such a fan of Dandy Nails - thanks for featuring these gorgeous holos! Thrill is definitely my fave!

  3. I've loved Dandy Nails from the get-go and this collection is really AWESOME! ♥

  4. Gorgeous! Love Affair looks like one of the a-England holos I've been wanting.


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