December 9, 2013

PetBox for Cats

Hi guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Today I have a PetBox to share with you. PetBox is a subscription service that does boxes for both dogs and cats. The boxes are very customizable and you get to actually pick what goes into your box every month so you know that your pet will like everything. I really love the idea of that, I think it would be very helpful for Degen who can be picky about toys the toys he likes.

Recently, I got an email from PetBox asking if I'd like to review one of their boxes, I checked out their website and noticed that they offer a box for cats. I always get a lot of comments on my BarkBox posts asking if there is a similar service for cats so I said heck ya and asked if I could review the cat version instead of the dog version. Check out everything Oreo got after the jump!

The first item is a "big ol catnip sack" from Cosmic Catnip. Oreo is a catnip connoisseur and of course he loved this. I have a bunch of pictures of him enjoying this at the end of the post!

Next up is a Kong Kickeroo. Oreo usually plays by holding the toy with his front paws and kicking it like a maniac with his back this is perfect for him. It also has catnip it to draw them in!

The last toy item in the box was a hunt and play toya from Nylabone. It is two circular caps with feathers that you can either attach to one another or you can attach them to the end of an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. I attached these to a toilet paper roll and put some treats in it and Oreo went to town. Eventually he figured out how to get the treats out, I think he really enjoyed it!

Here is the Nylabone toy with the toilet paper roll...ignore my festive background for the was for a post you'll see tomorrow lol!

In addition to the toys there were 2 full sized bags of treats in the box. Oreo goes through treats pretty quickly because we give him a bunch twice a day while he gets a shot...he's diabetic! He's already tried both of these and he ate them right complaints from him lol!

The first bag is Salmon flavored HipAction treats from Zukes!

The second bag is Tuna flavored dental treats from Feline Harvest!

Alright now onto Oreo...I don't think I've actually talked a lot about him here, lets face it...Degen is the star of any non-polish post haha! So blog, meet Oreo. Oreo came to us in a weird-sih way...he belonged to the people about 10 houses down the street from where I live. Those people had 4 or 5 young children and I'm pretty sure Oreo hated his life because of he came down and adopted us. The kids would always come over to our yard and take Oreo back but he'd always wander back. About 10 years ago those people moved...and left Oreo. Jerks...who does that?!? I could never leave a pet behind when I moved. Anyway, we adopted Oreo for real after that and he's been with us for years and years...I think he's about 12 or so.

He is Degen's secret best friend, they have a love hate relationship...mostly Degen wants to love Oreo and Oreo wants to smack Degen in the face. Occasionally they accidentally let us in on the secret about how they are actually best friends by sleeping next to each other on the couch..see evidence below.

I have no idea why there is a pink spot on Oreo's leg. Now that I've seen it I can't stop staring at it.

Below are a bunch of photos of Oreo enjoying that Big Ol Sack of Catnip. I kid you not he licked it for an hour...I sat there for the whole hour and watched. Eventually he passed out cuddling it haha!

The price of PetBox varies depending on the plan you pick, when you sign up you can choose the dog or cat box...or the dog AND cat box! You also get to choose the size of your pet. Then you pick your plan and the price varies from $29-$39 per month based on the length of subscription you choose. If you want to sign up your pet the lovely folks at PetBox gave me a discount code for 20% off, just enter POLISH20 to get the discount! To sign up your pet check out!

I do think this is a little more expensive than I personally would pay monthly, at least for the cat version, but I love the idea and Oreo really enjoyed everything he got!

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