February 8, 2014

Cadillacquer Spring 2014 Seek The Fire Collection Swatches

Hi guys, happy weekend! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'm still cleaning lol, I'm pretty sure I've said that every weekend for like the last month. This weekend I'm tackling the dreaded closet...I'm hoping to get rid of a bunch of stuff...it's been kind of nice de-cluttering. The other day I found a key to my old Jetta, I thought I lost it in Vegas almost 3 years ago haha. That should give you a good idea of how long it had been since I really have gone through all the crap I like to hold on to :P I seriously don't know how I even accumulate so much junk, I guess maybe it's because I had such a problem with shopping that crap just accumulated and now I'm like what the heck while I get rid of all of it. It's actually a little depressing now that I think about it, I spent so much money on the dumbest things...I wish I had saved it all! I'm sure you can all relate to that!

Anyway, today I have a brand new collection from Cadillacquer to share with you! This collection called Seek The Fire will be available starting tomorrow! The collection is inspired by the video game The Last of Us and it brings us 9 beautiful new shades! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Beyond The Walls is a taupe brown base with a blue shimmer and a sprinkle of holo. I love how soft the shimmer is in this, it's not so subtle that you can't see it but it's also not in your face. It's a nice twist on this kind of shade. The formula was good, it was a really nice consistency and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

By Night is a medium/dark blue with a subtle holo. The formula was great, it was a good consistency and the opacity was perfect. I used 2 coats for the photos below. 

Not Alone is a dark teal jelly base with golden glitter and a flash of magenta shimmer. This one is so much prettier in person, it just doesn't translate in photos for some reason.For the formula was good, it can be a little sheer because of the jelly base but it built up very easily. I used 3 coats for my photos but you might only need 2 depending on your nail length.

Seek The Fire is a dusty cornflower blue base with vibrant red glitter. This is a favorite for me, I love these kinds of striking glitter combos and Cadillacquer is great at it. It immediately reminded me of one of my favorites from Cadillacquer called Masterpiece. Obviously it's not similar in color but just how striking it is reminds me a lot of Masterpiece. The formula was good, it was easy to apply and nice and opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos below. 

She's One Of A Kind is a soft light grey base with an orangey pink shimmer and a subtle scattered holo. Love this one too, like Beyond The Walls it's a really nice twice on a pretty classic shade. The formula was great, it was a good consistency and surprisingly opaque! I used 2 coats for the photos below.

State of Emergency is a dark blackened base with a scattered holo and a burgundy shimmer. If you love a good vampy polish this is definitely for you, I love the flash of shimmer and the sparkle of holo out in the sun. The formula was good, it was easy to apply and nice and opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Survivor is a purple crelly base with lighter purple/blue glitter. It's a little hard to tell if the glitter is purple or blue, either way it's really pretty! The formula was good, it  was a little sheer on the first coat but completely opaque with the second coat. I used 2 coats for the photos below. 

The Journey is a smoky blue/green base with a strong green shimmer and a subtle scattered holo. This is another favorite, dat shimmah!! The formula was good, it was a little sheer on the first coat but opaque with the second. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

The Woods is a slightly minty green with a golden flash and a subtle holo. Another favorite, no one is surprised right? I love the shade of green, it's minty but not too minty and the shimmer/holo is gorgeous. The formula was good, it was a good consistency and the opacity was great. I used 2 coats for the photos below.  good formula and opacity 2 coats

Overall I really love this collection, it's gorgeous as usual with Cadillacquer. My personal favorites are Seek The Fire, The Journey and Beyond The Walls but really I love the whole collection! 

The Seek The Fire Collection from Cadillacquer will be available tomorrow, February 9th, at http://cadillacquer.bigcartel.com/. Cadillacquer is also carried at several stockists including Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Beauty So Fly and Rainbow Connection. I don't know what the launch date is for the stockists but I'm sure it's sometime soon!


  1. She's One of a Kind is my favorite here, both delicate and interesting!

    And yes, buying too much crap and then having to clear it out.. it sucks :(

  2. She's One Of the kind is definitely a shade for me to die for. Love it. And these are nice swatches

  3. These are beautiful colors and great swatches!

  4. Виктория АртамоноваFebruary 8, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Thank you so much for writing this review before the collection launch! You are awesome as usual.

  5. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedFebruary 8, 2014 at 10:54 AM

    Great swatches!!! Love the woods, seek the fire and survivor!!! :)

  6. hi jen! great post, as usual! i have a question that has been bothering me for some time now.. do you thing that nail polish duration time is only 2-3 years like it says on the bottle or longer?

  7. Nope, I have tons of polishes older than that and they are perfectly fine!

  8. She's One of a Kind appeals to me.

  9. So many pretties in this collection...your photos didn't help me narrow down what to buy at all. Actually, I think I want more than I originally planned! Thanks for the post - awesome as always!

  10. Виктория АртамоноваFebruary 9, 2014 at 5:50 AM

    In your opinion, does State of Emergency look similar to a-England Briarwood? Or is Briarwood more red-toned?

  11. This collection is so pretty, I cannot decide which is my favorite.

  12. those are so pretty but unfortunately theres a blog stealing your gorgeous pictures and claiming it as their own. Its called enamel girl and she even edited out your watermark and put her own! The first stolen pic i found was your fuzzy coat review pictures. (Btw her watermark that she replaced yours with hardly looks convincing) Good luck i hate it when people steal work

  13. Thanks, I'll check it out!


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