February 7, 2014

Incoco Sweet Surprise Collection

Happy Friday! Can you believe it's Friday already? This week felt like it just flew by for me. We've been switching to a whole new system at work so between training and trying to figure things out my days feel like they are gone in like 2 hours...it's crazy!

Today I have the Sweet Surprise Collection from Incoco to share with you. This collection is for Valentines Day and it features 5 new nail strip designs. If you've never heard of Incoco you're really missing out! They make tons of gorgeous nail strips, they are made of real nail polish and are a breeze to apply, plus they remove with nail polish remover so they don't mess up your nails when you go to take them off. I've been using Incoco strips for a long time and am always happy with the wear of them, I wore two of the designs in this post for a week each and had no issues with chipping or peeling etc..

Check out all the designs after the jump!

Double Date is a glitter silver and pink design with hearts. This was a little difficult to photograph, it's much more sparkly in person...that kinda thing never translates in photos! :(

Love Spell is a light pink back with a super cute line and hearts design. There are also little bows on the strips but I didn't manage to get any of them onto my nails :(

Made With Love is a pink to red gradient. These are like the sugar spun nails I've seen all over the place but have never gotten around to trying. I really loved the look of these so now maybe I'll give a try on my own!

Lighting: Shade

Sweet Surprise is a pink base with silver micro glitter, silver square glitter and multicolored bar glitter. I like this one but I did have some issues with the piece of bar glitter that wanted to hang off the free edge of my nail, It was difficult to file off. I ended up just cutting it off with a small pair of scissors. Both photos are in the shade.

Yours Truly is a light pink base with darker pink cursive handwriting. I kept trying to read my nails while I was wearing these haha!

The Sweet Surprise Collection is available at http://www.incoco.com/ each design retails for $8.99


  1. I had no idea that they were made from real polish! I've always steered clear from wraps, thinking they would damage my nails. Thank you for the swatches and info! =)

  2. Very cute designs for Valentine's Day!

  3. i love incoco :) and this collection is super cute! :)

  4. We have not yet tried using nail strips so thanks for the Inococ recommendation! And LOVE Made with Love <3

  5. Marieta García LópezFebruary 8, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    I loved the second, the third and the fourth manicures.

  6. I love all three shades, thank you for the swatches.


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