April 7, 2014

Glow In The Dark Splatter Nail Art

Hi guys! Today I have a bit of nail art for ya! I wanted to try some splatter nail art with the glow in the dark cremes that Serum No. 5 just recently put out, you can see swatches here if you missed them.  I thought it would be fun to see if the different glow colors would shine through with the splatter effect. I'm pretty much obsessed with how it turned out! It looks like an Easter-y mani in normal light and then in the dark it almost looks like the Earth from outer space or something...maybe I'm the only one that sees that?

I used Pure Glow Getter as my base and the splatter was done with  Blue Blazes, Glowin' of Eden and Laven-Daringly Bright. For a tutorial on how to do a splatter mani you can check out my tutorial from a couple years back by clicking here.

lighting: shade


  1. Very cool! I've never been able to get my glow in dark polishes to photograph this well! :D

  2. JacQueline KellerApril 7, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    Oooooooh! Like! I kinds see Earth too.

  3. Ooooh...this reminds me of the watercolor one you did recently! However, I gotta say that they creeped me out when the lights were off...lol :)

  4. This looks so cool. I really need to buy some glow in the dark polishes

  5. Marieta García LópezApril 9, 2014 at 5:24 AM

    It's cool. I love them.

  6. Brilliant! I HAVE to try this.

  7. I knew I was going to need these, but now I'm obsessed. Freakin' brilliant!


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