April 8, 2014

We got the Kitchen remodeled!

Hi guys! Today I have a totally non-polish post for ya! I've mentioned it a few times here and on other social media that we were getting the kitchen and living room remodeled at my house for the last couple of months. Along the way of the renovation I've been posting photos on Twitter and Instagram of the progress and a few people said they wanted to see the outcome so I thought I'd do a whole post of the process. I LOVE home renovation stuff, I was an interior design major back when I went to college...never ended up graduating, but I still love it. I also love me some HGTV, I kinda felt like I was living on Property Brothers or something haha!  This is the kitchen and living room at my parents, I'm living with them for a few more months until I buy a house or condo so I won't get to enjoy this new kitchen for too long but it was nice to see the whole process!

Unfortunately I didn't take any "before" photos. I kinda forgot about that. My Mom was also taking photos of the progress but she didn't have any before photos either :( I can tell you that the kitchen was majorly fug. It had linoleum that looked like beige rock (you can see it in some photos), really ugly 70's looking cabinets and an avocado green tile counter. You know I love green but it was literally the ugliest counter top of all time. The way it was set up there was hardly any counter space to work on and it was just not a functional kitchen. My parents decided to renovate after there was a leak behind one of the walls. Demo started for the new kitchen on February 10th, below is a couple guys ripping out the cabinets and the hood that was over the stove.

This is a picture heavy post so I've put most of it behind a cut, load time might be a little slow since there are so many photos!

Here is a view of the other side of the kitchen. Over here there were a few cabinets along with the oven.

This is what the kitchen looked like after they opened up the walls. They re-did most of the wiring and added can lights in the ceiling. Prior to the new lighting there was literally one light in the kitchen...it was like a cave. They also put in a lot more outlets for counter top appliances and wired for lights that go under the cabinets. In addition to all that we re-did all the plumbing and ran pipes to the other side of the room for the fridge so that we could get one with an ice maker and water in the door.

Here we are after the put in the new insulation! 

During ripping down the drywall in the kitchen we discovered that some termites had their way with some hideous paneling that was between the kitchen and living room, so away it went. Thank you termites, that paneling was so ugly!

Next the drywall guys came in and started patching all the holes in the walls and ceiling.

Sidenote. It's amazing the things you find when you renovate. We found a phone jack that was being held up by a STICK what the heck! We also found that the previous owners didn't vent the oven correctly so the heat couldn't escape and it was burning the wall! You can see it in the top of the photo below!

Then they went back with the mud stuff that goes on all the seams and screws.

After the mud the painter came in and painted both the kitchen and living room. The ceilings are white and the walls are an off white, like a vanilla color. There is also an accent wall that is a pretty minty green!

This picture is mostly to show the lights! There are another 2 on the left that aren't in the picture and another light that is now in that black hole in the ceiling on the right.

After the paint was dry cabinets started going in.

Inspector Degen made sure everything was done up to his standards.

Next was the flooring in the living room. We got a dark laminate wood. There are blinds on that window now...FYI lol! We had to put the cardboard up because our next door neighbors kitchen window is right there and it was weird looking into their house.

Then all the doors, drawers, fronts and crown molding went in along with the counter tops being installed! The counters are a multicolored brown granite. Unfortunately I wasn't home while they were installing it but they did a great job!

Here's a closer look at the granite. I wasn't sure about it after my parents picked it but I ended up loving it!

With a left over piece of granite the counter top guys installed a piece on the fireplace. I thought it was a nice touch.

A few days later the floor in the kitchen went down! This is when everything really came together, it looked so good!

This is the new living room, the desk is the back is where my Mom works (she works from home), it went back into the kitchen by the french doors.

We also got a freaking gigantor television. It's 65 inches...clearly this was for my Dad....

We got it from Pauls TV and the guys that came to install it were fantastic.

Finally, this past weekend the appliances were installed! Everything is by Samsung, we got everything in a big package from  Pauls TV (they sell appliances too, I didn't know that before this). There are still final touches that need to be done, like the wall you can see through the door needs to be painted and all the dishes and whatnot need to be brought back in but that's it!

I really like the under cabinet lighting. If you're wondering why the cabinet on the far left doesn't have it, it's because there is a pocket door behind there and we couldn't run the electrical over there.

Overall the renovation took just about 2 months, there were some delays because our contractor got pretty sick about half way through. It was a little tough not having a kitchen for that long but the end result was so worth it!


  1. This looks awesome!!!!! I bet your dad is in heaven with that tv too! Ooooh under cabinet lighting, I wish I would have thought of having that installed when we were having our house built! Would be great for the evenings when you don't want a ton of lights on!

  2. Your kitchen looks really lovely, especially look the island

  3. Ah, it looks really good and welcoming! The TV is brilliant! My own TV is quite huge for my living room but 65 inches? Not bad, not bad. ;D

  4. Wow, it looks amazing, what a difference!! My fiancé and I bought our first house last spring, and luckily the kitchen and bathroom were already renoed beautifully because we aren't handy people lol! There are some changes I would like to make now after living in it for about a year, but for a first home it's been perfect :)

  5. The renovated kitchen looks great!

  6. When can I move in? Just kidding! Look so good!

  7. Gorgeous kitchen and living room! :D

  8. ValiantlyVarnishedApril 8, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    Nice! I am an HGTV addict myself. I live in an apartment but I am always spouting off about amortization rates and home improvement tips like I'm an expert lol!

  9. Ha it looks amazing! I'm so jealous, our kitchen is probably about 1sq foot, and really no more than 1/2 a person can fit in it :(

  10. That's so awesome, congrats on finishing and being reno-free. Definitely worth the two months as it looks fantastic! Haha @ property brothers - I'm so strangely addicted to that show, I think I'm secretly in love with both of them.

  11. Oooh looks great!! I hate my kitchen -s tupid apartment kitchens.

    Love teh accent wall too!


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