May 24, 2014

Dance Legend Wow Prism Collection Swatches & Review Part 2

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far! Today I finally have the 2nd half of the Dance Legend Wow Prism Collection to share with you. I swatched the first half ages ago, you can see those photos by clicking here.  Sorry about the delay in getting this half posted, I've had them swatched for a while I've just never found the time to actually edit the post until now!

Check out all the swatches after the jump!

All of the polishes in the Wow Prism Collection are gorgeous scattered holos. They are reminiscent of  the scattered holos that Zoya put out recently like Dream and Storm. If you are fans of those polishes you'll love these! All of the photos in this post are with top coat and taken in direct sunlight.

Behind The Scenes is a deep berry. The formula was great, it was a really nice consistency and the opacity was great. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Fallen Angel is a light pink. It does look silver in the photos but that's because of how crazy the scattered holo is in this one! The formula was good, it was a touch sheer but easily buildable and opaque in 3 coats.

Glam Rock is a medium pink. The formula was really nice, it was easy to apply and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Gothic Veil is a gorgeous black. The holo in this was much stronger in person than it appears in photos. The formula was great, it was nice to apply and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Learning To Fly is a reddish pink. The formula of this one was also really nice, it was a good consistency and the opacity was good. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Road To Nowhere is a reddish brown. I really like this one, I'm a sucker for anything brown toned and I know this is a unique polish in my stash! The formula was really nice, easy to apply and nice and opaque. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Slippery When Wet is another light pink. This one is slightly more purple toned than the others in this post. The formula was good. Depending on the length of your nails it's a 2-3 coater. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Steel Panther is a really pretty silver. This one is SO holo and sparkly, another favorite for me! The formula was good, a little sheer but easily buildable. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Strutter is a blue toned green. This one is a bit more jelly like than the others, and not  fantastic opacity 2 coats

Dance Legend is available at, if you buy direct please be aware that the polishes ship from Russia and shipping time can be a while. You can also find Dance Legend at several entails like Llarowe. For a full list of etailers all over the world check out the Dance Legend website.


  1. Hmm, my bottle of Fallen Angel is definitely beigy taupe and not pink at all.

  2. Might depend on the light you're in when you're looking at it :)

  3. Yeah, I have it on right now and I've been playing with the light, but it always looks very brown. I think it might be my favorite wow prism I've worn so far.

  4. PolishedtoPrecisionMay 24, 2014 at 9:47 AM

    Gorgeous polishes!! Road to Nowhere is calling my name!

  5. Dammit Dance Legend. Here's my wallet. Get in my life right MEOW!

  6. Gorgeous collection! It's hard for me to choose a favorite!

  7. These are all just stunning. Beautiful swatches.

  8. Glam rock really lives up to its name, can't wait to try it out. All your pictures have so much sparkle to them! Gorgeous swatches

  9. I'm usually not a green person but I like Strutter the best! All are stunning though.

  10. Alaina AfflerbaughMay 25, 2014 at 6:34 PM

    I wish these polishes were easier to obtain... I love all of these.

    And I STILL wish Zoya would make a green!

  11. So pretty ! I love that they are all named after rock bands/song/etc

  12. Awwww yissss these are the bomb ♥!


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