May 28, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixie Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust polishes from Zoya to share with you! For this Summer Zoya is releasing 3 new shades of the Magical Pixie polishes, they are in the pink & neutral family. These are much more chunky and glitter-iffic than the normal PixieDust polishes so if you love glitter these are right up you're alley.

Formula wise all 3 were consistent. I found them to be a nice consistency and not too thick, they were easy to apply. However they were a little bit on the sheer side due to the jelly base. Depending on your nail length you'll need 2-3 coats, I used 3 coats for all of my swatches. These do dry to a fairly textured finish, moreso than regular PixieDust polishes do. If you want to smooth them out you'll need a few generous coats of top coat. I used 3 coats, no top coat for all of the swatches below.  All 3 of these are much more sparkly in person than in photos!

Arlo is a magenta jelly base loaded with different sizes of hex holographic glitter.

Lighting: Shade

Bar is a nude base with a bit of a golden tone to it, it also has various sizes of holographic hex glitter. This polish reminds me of sand and the beach!

Lighting: Shade

Ginni is a light pink jelly-ish base with various sizes of holographic hex glitter.

Lighting: Shade
Overall, I honestly don't really love these. I just don't personally care for how chunky the Magical PixieDust polishes are. If you like that look you'll love these! The only one I can see myself wearing again is Bar!

The Magical Pixiedust polishes for Summer 2014 are available at now, each polish retails for $10.


  1. I found these a 1000 times better in person. I was on the fence about the Magical Pixies but after getting Lux, I am in love with them.

  2. These three colors are awesome! I like them.

  3. That minty shade is delicious, the shimmer is perfect!

  4. These are really cute, summery shades. I have the orange and mint ones, and really adore both of them! The orange, like Jen said, is eye-searing! I would def back this one with white, as it will amp up the WOW factor. I have worn it on my toes twice and love that it makes me look (kinda sorta) tan! :) The minty color is gorgeous! I have nothing like it! The shimmer kind of shifts to pink at certain angles, which is neat. My only complaint is the cost: $8 for 7ml (or 0.25fl.oz) is a bit much, considering that's a half-size bottle. (But these days it seems like that half oz/15ml bottle size is the exception, and no longer the rule. Boo!) It would have to be a really incredible shade for me to buy another one at $8.


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