June 30, 2014

Whimsical Ideas by Pam Summer 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was nice, I'm looking forward to this week because it's a nice short week for me because of the holiday and I decided to use a vacation day so I could have a 4 day weekend! Today I have the new Summer collection from Whimsical Ideas by Pam to share with you! This collection launches this afternoon! I was so excited when this showed up last week, I wasn't expecting it and it got to my house right as I was headed back to work. I saw the return address and was like !!! so I took it back to work with me so I could rip it open without having to wait to get home at the end of the day haha! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

A Brighter Shade of Pale is a mix of small pastel hex glitter in a clear base. Pam told me this color combo reminds her of vintage valentine and I can totally see where she's coming from! The formula was good, it was nice and glitter dense, very easy to get a ton of glitter onto the nail. I used 1 coat over Dance Legend Albion for the photos below.

All Ears is small red glitter along with white and yellow hex glitter and black mickey glitter! I've never seen Mickey glitter so I was dying when I saw this. Apparently a few other indies have used this but I've never seen it...of course now I want all the Mickey glitters. Next time I visit Disneyland this will definitely be on my nails! The formula was good, it was easy to get the Mickey glitter out and onto the nail, if you want more than 1 on a nail you may have to do some fishing but they are easy to get. I used 1 coat, dabbed, over Dance Legend Get Bored for the photos below.

Good Ship Lollipop is a white crelly with tiny blue and red glitter. This is perfectly patriotic, I think I might wear it on my toes for the 4th of July! The formula was good, it was a touch sheet at first but it was easy to build and opaque in 3 coats. You could also layer this over white if you wanted to.

Mermaid is small blue and green glitter along with small blue circle glitter and large blue circle glitter in a clear base. The circle glitter in this polish is holographic but of course that kind of thing doesn't translate into photos very well. I really like this one, it looks like bubbles! The formula was good, it was easy to get a lot of glitter onto the nail. I found it best to dab this one on to help distribute the big circle glitter better. I used 1 dabbed coat over Alessandro Peppermint Patty for the photos below.

Tree Hugger is a shimmery green leaning teal with royal blue glitter. This is gorgeous, I was instantly drawn to this one when I opened the package up...I love polishes like this with a contrasting base and glitter combo. The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and easy to apply. This was sheer at first but easy to build, I used 3 coats for the photos below. This did dry a little bit satin matte so I used top coat for my photos.  

Wacky Watermelon is pink hex and glitter glitter, green hex glitter and small black hex glitter in a clear base. The formula was a little bit heavy on the base so you have to dab it on to get even glitter coverage but I had no issues with it. I used 2 dabbed coats over Dance Legend Daydream for the photos below.

The Whimsical Ideas by Pam Summer Collection will be available today at 3:01pm EST, each polish is $10 and you order via email. For all the info about ordering check out the Whimsical Ideas by Pam Facebook Page.


  1. Mickey glitter!!? Mind is blown.

  2. Very pretty! I think you matched up the toppers and base colors quite well!

  3. I love A Brighter Shade of Pale, reminds me of Wedding confetti ^_^

  4. Nice collection! I'm loving all these glitters.

  5. I love round glitters! Wacky Watermelon is my fave! The glitters are so pretty <3

  6. I really love Good Ship Lollipop! I would order it if the 4th wasn't this week.. Perhaps for next year :)

  7. Good Ship Lollipop and All Ears are really nice! I also hadn't seen Mickey glitter, and it's sooo adorable. It's quite hard to find these polishes here in Southern lands, where the Sun always shines, but it will definitely be worth a www-digging.


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