June 3, 2014

Color Club Subway Station Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I have Color Club Subway Station to share with you. This is from a recent collection of matte glitters called Modern Mosaic. I spotted this display at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few weeks back and this was the only polish that really called out to me from the ones available. Subway Station is made up of very dense tiny pieces of grey and white matte glitter. You can wear this on its own or layered, though I personally felt like it was too dense to wear layered.

The formula was no bueno, because of how dense with glitter this was application was difficult. It was extremely thick and I had to be very careful while applying or else all the glitter would stick together in one spot. I had to thin my bottle of polish twice while swatching it and even then it was still tough to apply. If you were layering this I don't think the formula issue would be as big of a deal but on its own it was just...bad. I used 3 coats, no top coat, for the photos below. 

Color Club's Modern Mosaic Collection is available now as far as I know. The only place around me that carries the brand is Bed, Bath & Beyond but you can also get them online at places like Transdesign.com
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  1. That's gorgeous! So, it's really too bad about the formula being so bad. :(

  2. This looks so nifty. Might be a great jelly sandwich kind of polish.

  3. I have a few polishes from this collection. I liked using a base color, so that I wouldn't have to use a third layer of the glitter. The base color comes through a tiny bit, so I found that it should be a color that would fit the scheme, but not exactly match it. I loved that it looked like I had counter tops on my nails.

  4. Shame about the formula, I love how it looks!

  5. That's a pretty amazing glitter thanks for posting !

  6. Nope, 2 of them are

  7. I live in Canada (Toronto, to be exact); we get all these flavors except Vanilla Coke (though there are some places you can still find it, overall it didn't do well sales-wise so you won't find it in stores). Fanta/Sprite are part of the Coca-Cola company so it's not a flavor exactly. Hope that helps.

  8. I just ordered the four creme polishes with the exception of A Grape Affair. Would you happen to know how Coca Cola Red compares to Cajun Shrimp, and how Sorry I'm Fizzy Today compares to Kiss Me I'm Brazilian? :)

  9. I don't own Cajun Shrimp, but I think I still have the other polish. I'll add it to me comparison list!

  10. I like these! I think it's fun they made a shade for each flavor :).

  11. Wowza! When I saw the initial press release I was sure I was going to skip this line entirely...now that I've seen your swatches, I think I have to get I accomplished zero today, green on the runway and get cherried away! Thanks!

  12. Wait, so there are two that are inspired by Vanilla Coke???

  13. I love these colors, and I have to tell you that your swatches are responsible for OPI getting All My Money. Could you compare Get Cherried Away and AntiBleak?

  14. One of the purples looks A LOT like Vant To Bite My Neck and the other looks a lot like Casino Royale/Anti Bleak/Cable Car Lane - what do you think? Be interested to see how the red compares to Red Lights Ahead/Big Apple Red and the Gwen Stefani one.

  15. Fanta and Sprite are both Coke products, all part of the Coca Cola family.

  16. Michelle RobertsonJuly 1, 2014 at 1:47 AM

    Grape affair is a complete dupe of vant to bite my neck. ( I swatched it as soon as we got these in at work!)

    Cherried away is close in colour to cable car pol lane, but no dupe. Also, the formula is WAY better and needs less coats.

    Big apple is a little cooler then the cocca cola red, and the Gwen Stefani red is a lot bolder. (Brighter, louder...Gwen style =p )

    I accomplished zero today reminds me of stay the night with top coat...so excited for it, cos I hate the sand polish but always loved stay the night. <3

  17. I really can't wait for you to do comparison post for this. I love them,
    they help me see beyond the shiny *must get it all now!* haze that
    settles on me after a new collection comes out.
    I'm pretty sure Get Cherried Away is a dupe for AntiBleak and Sorry I'm Fizzy Today reminds me of Zoya Wendy

  18. Hi sweetie! I have a question, maybe you can help: I just received the samples from the brand -I live in Mexico- and one tone is different from the collection you show here: Instead of Orange You Fantastic I got Orange You Stylish -an opaque orange-. Do you know what was the reason for OPI to change it? Anyhow, my boyfriend is right now in the US trying and will to find Orange You Fantastic one. XOXO. Candy

  19. Nope, I don't know why they would be different. Thats strange!

  20. It certainly is! Oh well, I hope the brand explains why. Thanks so much!


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