June 27, 2014

Milani Bella Blue Gold Label Nail Lacquer Swatch & Review

Happy Friday! Today I have a new polish from Milani called Bella Blue to share with you! This polish is part of a small LE collection of all blue items from Milani, in addition to the polish there is also lipstick and mascara.

Bella Blue is a black base loaded with blue shimmer. The shimmer does have a bit of a purple duochrome to it, I couldn't capture it on the nail but you can see it in the bottle in a couple of my photos. The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

The Bella Blue Collection is available now at select Walgreen, Kmart and Fred Meyer stores, the price varies depending on where you purchase. You can also get everything online at MilaniCosmetics.com


  1. That's an amazing shade! I like it a lot.

  2. That has so much depth! It really reminds me of outer space. And I'm a bit of an expert because I'm literally watching Doctor Who as I type this.

  3. Considering I know how to pain my nails "the correct way" and still had an issue with the cremes, it is a problem. If you can get them to work for you that's great

  4. Looks like an old china glaze from back in the day- blk bil a bong

  5. Shades like these always peak my interest!

  6. Don't know if you will even read this, but is there a color that is comparable to You Drive Me Coconuts?? I got a pedicure with it and love it, but need a way to do touch ups and can't find it near me. Thoughts?


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