July 15, 2014

Sunndy's Body Products Cuticle Balms & Hand Lotion- Review

Hi guys! Today I have a few more hand care goodies from 365 Days of Color to share with you! After my first order, which you can see here, I went ahead and ordered 2 more cuticle balm samplers along with the small size of hand cream.I am totally obsessed with her cuticle balms, I'm already picking out more scents to try...good thing they are pretty inexpensive so my bank account doesn't hate me too much!

Last time I posted about 365 Days of Color hand care a couple people emailed me asking how they were shipped to prevent leaking so I thought I'd show you this time. Everything comes in a bubble mailers and all of the jars (or bottles if you get cuticle oils) are secured with electrical tape so that nothing leaks out.

So first off I got 2 more of the samplers of Cuticle Balms, each comes with 3 scents of your choosing. You can see the packaging and how the balm looks in my past post by clicking here. This time I decided to get a few scents that you guys recommended along with a couple I had on my list to try from my last order.

The scents I got this time were:

Hillbilly Home Brew- "mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wildberries" This is a favorite for me, the most prominent scent is mulled cider and it smells amazing! It reminds me of something I would drink during the holidays!

Hazelnut Cappuccino- "Roasted coffee, light chocolate with nutty, full bodied hazelnuts." This is my absolute 100% favorite. I am obsessed. I brought this one to work and I put it on when I get to the office in the morning. It seriously smells exactly like the Hazelnut Cappuccino I drink all the time. If you are a fan of that scent you need this.

Christmas Dreams- "Aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, peppermint, and tangerine fill the air on Christmas morning!" This smells exactly like you'd expect it to! I'm very fond of scents like this (if you couldn't tell)

Sparkling Snowflakes- "Crisp, clean, cool and slightly minty." This is the only scent that I didn't end up loving. The scent just isn't for me, it reminds me a vapor rub...I don't know if its just the type of mint or what. I ended up giving this away to a friend and she's enjoying it!

Cinnamon Sugar- "A classic blend of cinnamon powder and sugar" This is another great one, it smells exactly like what it should, it's got a nice bit of a cinnamon scent to it but the sugar really mellows it out.

Fruit Loops- "Who doesn't love fruit loops? this smells just like the cereal!" This is one that was recommended either in the comments of my last post, or on Instagram/Facebook. I'm so glad I ended up getting it, it smells exactly like fruit loops! 

The other item I got in my order was the small size of Hand Cream. I got the scent Strawberry Buttercream which is described as mix of strawberry and buttercream and it smells delicious, it's not too strawberry or too sweet smelling...it's right in the middle!

Unfortunately I don't really care for the hand cream. I was expecting it to be very smooth and creamy (based on the picture on the website) but it's very thick, the consistency of a body butter. I also found it to be gritty which I wasn't too fond of. On a positive note its not greasy and its very moisturizing. I will use up the jar I bought but it's probably not something I'd buy again.

365 Days of Color hand care items are available at http://www.365daysofcolorpolishes.com/, prices range from $4-$14 and there are seriously like 200 scents to choose from! 


  1. Great review on their cuticle balms and hand lotion. They sound nice.

  2. Have you checked again? She restocked today, I picked up some cuticle oil!


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