July 1, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Delicate Duos Collection & Cartjacked (Nail Polish Canada Exclusive) Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a big old post for ya from a new to me indie brand out of Australia called Lilypad Lacquer. The collection is 14 polishes called Delicate Duos, they are beautiful subtle holos with gorgeous shimmer. Along with the Delicate Duos Collection I also have a new Nail Polish Canada exclusive shade called Cartjacked! Both the Delicate Duos and Cartjacked will be launching tomorrow afternoon over at NailPolishCanada.com! This post is pretty long and very picture heavy so load time after the jump might be a little slow depending on your computer!

Cartjacked is a gorgeous blue holo that is exclusive to Nail Polish Canada. There is a nice holo to this shade along with bigger holo glitter that makes the effect gorgeous but it's not super visible on the nail. The formula was great, it was a nice consistency and the opacity was fantastic. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

All of the following polishes are from the Delicate Duos Collection, the formula across at 14 was consistent. They all were easy to apply, a little thick but in a good way, the opacity on all of them was fantastic. I was completely expecting these to be sheer but they were the total opposite. The shimmer is very easily visible in all of the shades outdoors in the sunshine and indoors in regular lighting. In lower lighting and shade the shimmer isn't very noticeable but it gives each polish a nice sheen.  I used 2 coats for all of the swatches below.

Apple Spritzer is a light yellow toned green with a golden flash of shimmer.

Fairy Floss is a medium pink with a blue/purple flash of shimmer.

Godess is a medium purple with a pink flash of shimmer.

Golden Sea is a light aqua with a golden flash of shimmer.

Grape Parfait is a light purple with a blue/green flash of shimmer. The shimmer was more noticeably green in person but it tended to photograph more blue leaning.

In Bloo is a light blue with a purple flash of shimmer.

Moonglow is a light blue/green with a blue flash. Depending on the angle of your hand the shimmer can also look purple.

Pinkle is a darker pink with a pink flash of shimmer. The shade of pink is very close to Fairy Floss, maybe a shade or 2 darker.

Playful is a light blue with a pink/purple flash of shimmer.

Plum Wine is a light icy purple with a golden flash of shimmer. The shimmer in this also leans a little bit green depending on the angle of your hand.

Sea Queen is a bright aqua with a green flash. The shimmer in this one was much more noticeable in person than in photos.

Tender Touch is a light mauve-y pink with a greenish flash of shimmer. For some reason the shimmer is photographing a bit silvery gold, but I promise it is much more green in person!

Violetta is a medium purple with a bright blue flash of shimmer.

Young Love is a dusty pink with a brilliant peachy gold flash of shimmer.

Overall I am really impressed with all of the polishes in this post, the formula of each was really easy to work with and I loved how opaque they all were. My picks are Cartjacked, In Bloom, Godess and Violetta.

The Delicate Duos Collection and Cartjacked will be available tomorrow, July 2nd, at NailPolishCanada.com , each polish retails for $15.25. Lilypad Lacquer is also available at http://lilypadlacquer.com/, and www.llarowe.com. Cartjacked is a Nail Polish Canada Exclusive and can only be purchase there!


  1. I like them, but I don't love them enough to buy. I have too many similar colours already. Cartjacked is nice though, but sadly NPC don't ship to the UK. :(

  2. Wow. Just wow. Those polishes are beautiful.

  3. These are beautiful! Very delicate and feminine :)

  4. I am way out of my normal picks with this collection. I absolutely love Moonglow & Golden Sea!

  5. Loving Sea Queen and Bloo


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