July 24, 2014

Serum No. 5 Another Year, Let's Cheer! + Cut It Out Nail Vinyls

Hi guys! Today I have a big old post for ya full of some new goodies from Serum No. 5! Serum No. 5 is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and releasing a great glow in the dark glitter to celebrate. Along with that Victoria is also debuting her Cut It Out Nail Vinyls...more about them later in the post! Both the anniversary polish and the Cut It Out Nail Vinyls launch today over on SerumNo5.com!

Check out all the swatches and nail art after the jump!

Another Year, Let's Cheer! is the celebratory polish for Serum No. 5's 2nd birthday. It is a great glitter with white, peach, black and mint glitter in a shimmery base. Not only that but it glows blue...and the glow is intense....I was like whoa when I went into a dark room wearing this for the first time.

This can be worn either on its own or as a topper, I like it on its own the most! The formula is good, its nice and dense with glitter and I had no issues with application. On its own you need 2-3 coats to get it opaque depending on how thick your coats are and how the glitter falls.

Also launching today are Cut It Out Nail Vinyls. There are 6 different sheets full of designs coming out tomorrow. The sheets are all different themes and include:

Queen Bee: A Sheet inspired by a Chalkboard Nails design (you can see it here) the vinyls include bees, honeycomb, thin stripes and crowns.

Anchors Away: thick stripes, anchors and whales.

Life's A Beach: chevron strips, palm trees, dolphins and Hawaiian flowers.

Lovely Magic: chains of hearts, unicorns, stars and clouds

Under The Sea: mermaids, seashells, seahorses and chevron stripes.

All 5 sheets are available in 28 different colors which is kind of awesome if you want to use them as decals. All of the different designs on the sheets can be used as decals or stencils.  Victoria made them so that each design is in its own little box you can you easily use them as stencils. To see more about the Cut It Out Vinyls check out this great article Nail It has on their website here. Each sheer retails for $6.

To use these vinyls as stencils you just need to peel the square off the backing and remove the decal part, most of the time it stays on the backing as you're peeling the box off but sometimes you will need to remove it from the box. When I had to do that I just stuck the decal part back onto the sheet so I can use it later.

You do need to make sure that your base polish or design is completely dry, otherwise it will pull off when you remove the stencil

Same goes for stripes and chevrons. Just peel them off the sheet and place them on the nail where you want them once the base color/design is completely dry. You can either trim off the excess or paint another color over them and remove the pieces of vinyl while the polish is still wet to get a crisp line.

Here is a design I did with the Queen Bee themed sheet. The colors I used are Dance Legend Nox and Hoopla Hoopla. Unfortunately top coat dragged my honeycomb a bit, learn from my mistake and make sure you wait a while to top coat!

I used the chain of hearts from the Lovely Magic sheet over Another Year, Let's Cheer along with Dance Legend Nox to make some glowing hearts!

One of my favorite manis with the Cut It Out Nail Vinyls used the starts from the Lovely Magic sheet and chevron stripes from the Under The Sea sheet to create and awesome glow in the dark mani. Kind of obsessed with doing all the designs glow in the dark now, not gonna lie. I used Serum No. 5 Glowin' of Eden and Dance Legend Nox for the mani.

Next up is a magical rainbow gradient with a holo unicorn. As soon as I saw the unicorn nail vinyls I knew I need to make a holo unicorn, I mean is there anything more fantastical than that? ( the answer is no). For the gradient I used Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet (pink), Essie Strut Your Stuff( blue)and Hoopla Hoopla (yellow). Those 3 colors blended together really nicely for the rainbow I was going for. If you want to see this mani pre-unicorn check it out on my Instagram here.  The holo unicorn was done with KBShimmer Pt. Young Thing!

I used the Life's A Beach sheet for the mani below. The base with a watercolor done with the blue and purple OPI Sheer Tints over OPI Put A Coat On. I used Dance Legend Nox for the the black designs!

Next up is my nautical mani using the Anchor's Away sheet. I used Finger Paints Paper Mache as a base for my index and pinky fingers, it is also used for the anchor. The blue strips and blue base for the anchor are Jin Soon Cool Blue. The brown base for the crab is Dance Legend Divine. The crab and red stripes are done using the nail vinyls as decals!  For an extra pop I put Serum No. 5 Sky Lights over the anchor. You can't see it very much in regular lighting but it looked pretty awesome in the dark!

Another Year, Let's Cheer along with the Cut It Out Nail Vinyls will be available today, July 24th at SerumNo5.com!


  1. In love with it all! OMG, the Queen Bee vinyls are adorbs and so clever. I don't think I have ever seen a mixed/themed set like that. I am in awe of their GOTDs! I have been tinkering with glow powder, and it's tough to get the right ratio. Plus, if you add ANYTHING like glitter or pigment, it diminishes the glow. Don't know how they do it, but bravo!

  2. Those nail vinyls look awesome! You got some great nail art designs with them.

  3. HI Jen, This is my first ever comment to you! Hi and thank u for ur amazing work!!! I love getting your emails......the rainbow unicorn is the BEST, so cute...u made these look great.

  4. Thank you so much <33

  5. As always, I love your blog! Great review thank you for sharing!

  6. That glowy anchor! So much fun :).

  7. "The crap and red stripes are done using the nail vinyls as decals!"

    Whoa! That made me chuckle.. a lot!

    Love Serum No5. and can't wait to try those nail vinyls :)


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