July 19, 2014

Degen's July 2014 BarkBox

Hi guys! Today I have a BarkBox post for you! It's been a whole lot of months since I posted one of these! For those that haven't seen one of these posts before and haven't heard of BarkBox it is a monthly subscription service that sends a box full of dog treats/toys/goodies. Kinda like Birchbox for dogs. The reason I haven't posted one of these in a while is because the last few months of boxes just haven't been very good for Degen. The boxes themselves have been good but because we've been trying to slim down Degen over the last year (he's down to 22lbs from 34!!) he hasn't been able to eat most of the treats we've gotten and the toys haven't been ones he'll play with. Pretty much all the BarkBoxes we've gotten for the last 6 months have been given to our neighbors/friends who have dogs that will enjoy them.

Anyway, this months box was a good one, Degen loves the toy that was included and one of the treats is something I'll actually give him! Check out everything he got after the jump!

First up is this cute orange and white plush crab that squeaks...we've named him Carl the crab. This toy is made by P.L.A.Y. Degen will pretty much only play with toys like this was I was happy to see one in the box. Degen has been playing with this so much over the last few days that its all crusty looking and a few legs had to be cut off (Degen likes to try to pull them off and eat them). Luckily this is washer and dryer safe so I might give Carl a little bath haha!

Next was the treats Degen actually gets! These are Banana Crisps from Healthy Dogma. For the last year-ish Degen has only gotten fruits and veggies as treats, things like Apples, Mangos, Cantaloupe and Carrots. These are made only with bananas and coconut oil so they are healthy treats that I feel good giving to Degen. He also loves them...seriously. I usually have to bribe Degen to get him into the house after I let him out and he actually comes running in for these. I was looking at the Healthy Dogma website and it looks like they also make Apple Rings so I might pick those up one day.

Next was some Indigo Triple Chews. These are bones that are supposed to be good for dental and digestive health and they are full of all kind of good antioxidants and probiotics . The size I got in our box was too big for Degen so I took them to work and a girl whose boyfriend has larger dogs took them...I'm sure they will enjoy them!

Last in the box was some chicken breast jerky treats from Bixbi! Degen doesn't get treats like this anymore so I gave them to my boss at work. She has the cutest little pup named Zuri and I thought she'd like them...I hear that she loves them and they are nice and soft so it's easy for her to eat (She's has issues with hard treats breaking her teeth in the past)

I also made a little video of Degen making some pathetic sounds for a Banana Crisp and running away with Carl, then growling at me before he tried to rip Carl's legs off. You're welcome. In case the embedded video doesn't work (because I am tech challenged lol) here is a link! http://youtu.be/dKRPx4wtmd0

Overall Degen got and likes 1/2 the box which is pretty great for him since lately it's been like zero of the box that he gets/likes. Hopefully the boxes continue to be like this one!

If you'd like to get your dog BarkBox it is available at BarkBox.com (this is a referral link, everyone gets one...don't feel like you have to use it if you sign your dog up!) you can choose the size of your dog. I think Degen gets the small box but honestly...it seems like he always gets stuff that is too big for him so maybe not? There are several plans available for different lengths of time, the price ranges from $18-29 depending on the plan you get!


  1. Omg his little voice is the cutest thing ever!

  2. aw Degen is the best, I wish they had Barkbox in Australia I would totally sign up. Going to see if I can track down banana chips for my cavalier Charlie, he would probably go crazy for those

  3. SOOO CUTE! I hope my furbaby gets that crab, also! He goes crazy when Barkbox arrives at my house!

  4. What a nice box. That crab is adorable!

  5. My Border collie just went crazy when I watched the video and he started squeaking the crab! I've thought if subscribing for her, but toys like that only last a day or so around here. She destroys them. We've set a record with the Kong squeaky plush I got her at Christmas, that's still alive and kicking somehow.

  6. That's just way to cute! Most of our dogs don't really play with toys so we don't often buy them - we always have a lot of raw bones and they prefer chewing on those. Ours also love banana chips!

  7. Degan looks positively svelte compared to the last time you showed him! Good for you, it can't have been easy to stick with the restrictions. I grew up with a dachsie, so I know how those little angels can wheedle us into giving more treats than we should. Thanks so much for sharing your fur baby with us!

  8. Awwwww! I loved seeing your video and how much Degan loved his presents!!!


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