August 19, 2014

Contrary Polish Polish With A-Peel Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a fun 4 piece collection from Contrary Polish to share with you! This collection is called Polish With A-Peel and it features 4 bright jellies with a glass-fleck like shimmer. I've been in a very Fall mood lately with polish but these polishes make me love the summer brights again! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

The formula across all 4 polishes was consistent. Since these are jellies that are on the sheer side as you start to apply them. All 4 were easy to build and mostly opaque in 3 coats. There were a couple that still showed a little visible nail line after 3 coats but it wasn't as noticeable in person as it is in photos. The consistency of all 4 polishes was good, they were easy to work with and apply. I used 3 coats plus top coat for all of my photos!

Key Lime is medium green with gold and green shimmer/microflakes. I really enjoy this shade of green, its bright but not neon. It's like a dusty lime.

Meyer Lemon is a bright lemon yellow with gold and orange shimmer/microflakes. I love the orange shimmer in this, it stands out a bit from the base!This is one that showed a little bit of nail line, you could probably get rid of that with an extra coat, or you could layer it over another yellow!

Pink Grapefruit is pink jelly with gold and orange shimmer/microflakes. The shimmer in this one was more noticeable in person than my camera could pick up.

Valencia Orange is a bright orange jelly with gold, orange and red shimmer/microflakes. This is a favorite for me, it looks so juicy in person!

Contrary Polish is available at for $11 each. There are also several international e-tailers you can find a list of them here. To purchase mini sized bottles visit, each mini is $5!


  1. Nice collection! I'm loving the shimmer :-)

  2. Wow these are all so gorgeous and juicy looking. I feel like they are very summer but I'm conflicted since I can feel that push towards fall in my veins :)

  3. That orange is amazing!

  4. PolishedtoPrecisionAugust 21, 2014 at 7:44 AM

    These are all really pretty, but I'm really loving the green and yellow ones.

  5. Fabulous swatches! I even like the yellow one, which is strange for me! :)


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