August 15, 2014

Sunny's Body Products Exclusive Seasonal Box, Summer Edition Review

Happy Friday! Today I have a fun post for you of a new nail care box from Sunny's Body Products (formerly 365 Days of Color). This box will be seasonal and it includes all kinds of nail care products along with one of Sunny's new Lip Saver Lip Balms! I was pretty excited about this when I heard about it, I don't think its any secret that I've become completely obsessed with Sunny's nail care items recently. Her cuticle balms have become pretty much the only thing I use on my cuticles!

The Summer box includes 6 items, most are full size. All 6 scents are new and exclusive to this box, they won't be sold as regular scents in Sunny's shop. Not only do you get awesome products but I loved how the box was packed, it was so festive! There was a tropical flower lei and multicolored crinkle cut paper in the box along with a few tropical looking pillow mints (yum). The labeling on the products is also super festive for summer and exclusive to the box.Check out everything in the box after the jump!

The first item is a full sized Cuticle Oil. These come in handy roller ball containers making them easy to apply and carry around in your purse. The cuticle oil scent is Hawaiian Suntan, its a fruity scent with notes of creamy coconut, passion fruit, guava, pineapple, banana, melon and grapefruit.

Next is Sunny's Hand Cream, this comes in a 1 ounce container so its a little smaller than the regular sized hand creams. The texture of this one was nice, if you saw my last post about some items I got from Sunny's shop I mentioned that my hand cream was gritty. There was an issue with their Shea Butter supplier which is what caused that. That's all been fixed and the texture is nice and smooth now!

The scent of the Hand Cream is Sun & Sand, its a blend of floral and citrus scent with notes of white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily with a light musk base.

Next up is a full size Intensive Cuticle Oil. These come in a glass bottle with a dropper for easy application. I got a sample of these a little while back and really love how moisturizing they are, I put it on before bed and let it soak it over night. The scent is called Seaside and its described by Sunny as tender beach floras that are lightly misted with the refreshing scent of ocean air, ripe succulent summer melon and the subtle familiar scent of suntan lotion.

Next is a one ounce container of Sunny's Hand Sugar Scrub. This is one of my favorite products from her shop. I got a sampler of the hand scrub a while back and have seriously been obsessed. I like to use it when my hands feel dry, it gets all the dead skin off and if you put on a little lotion after using it your hands will feel super soft! The scent of the hand scrub is Paradise Reef. The scent is described by Sunny as sparkling fragrance with salt water and fresh air notes. Paradise Reef begins with notes of nectarine, bird of paradise, and water lily, followed by middle notes of passion flower, orchid, and hyacinth.

Next in the box is a full sized Sunny's Lip Saver. This lip balm is a new product and man, I was SO excited to try it. I am a lip seriously, you should see my desk at work. It's full of lotion and lip balm. The formula of this lip balm is great, it melts into the lips and is super moisturizing. I put it on for the first time when I got back to work after lunch on Wednesday at 1pm and when I left work at 4:30 my lips still felt nice and moisturized without having to reapply the balm. I can't wait until I get paid to pick up more of these, the list of scents/flavors available for these looks great!

The flavor of the balm in the Summer box is Tequila Sunrise. YUM! It's a citrus-y mix that smells just like the drink. I love this!

Last in the box is a full size of Sunny's Miracle Balm. I've included a picture below of what the full size looks like next to the size you get in the samplers on Sunny's site...the full size is huge! I am a big fan of these balms, they have become my go to since they sink in quickly and are super moisturizing! The scent of the miracle balm is Beach Bum, it has notes of juicy mandarin, sand jasmine and refreshing oceanic mist. Its an interesting scent and it really does remind me of the beach!

Overall I love the box just as much as I thought I would. Everything came packaged really nicely. The fragile items were nicely bubble wrapped and everything had white electrical tape around the openings so that no leaking happens.

The Summer Edition of Sunny's Body Products Seasonal box is available now at, at the moment I type this it is sold out but Sunny will be restocking it today! The box retails for $22, considering the amount of products you're getting I think that's a pretty great deal!


  1. Your review makes me want to try the miracle balm. Too bad it is sold out, but I will keep stalking her shop ;)

  2. Jen, I am so glad you introduced Sunny's products to us. I received my order last week - I got two of the cuticle oil samplers. I can't wait to try more things from her shop! :)

  3. Should be restocked around 9am PST (about an hour and a half from now!)

  4. That's awesome! I'm glad you like her stuff as much as I do!

  5. Yay! I'm obsessed with my Lip Saver lip balm, and I'm so glad you like yours!!

  6. Everything looks really good in this box!

  7. I had to get one after reading this post! Thanks for sharing (and enabling!) :)

  8. What a nice selection of goodies :-)

  9. Hope you love it as much as I do! Her stuff is fantastic!

  10. Thanks for enabling me! I had to get my mitts on this as soon as I saw you posting about it on twitter-- I missed the first go-around but got it on the restock. Can't wait to get it!! I'm all about handcare at the moment.

  11. I'm glad you were able to snag a box, hope you love it!

  12. I just ordered this box today! I couldn't resist. I've never tried her hand products before but I've read so many great things about them and these scents sound amazing. I'm especially looking forward to Hawaii Suntan.

  13. Glad you were able to get one! Hawaiian Suntan smells awesome!


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