August 1, 2014

Pretty Serious Matte All The Things Swatches & Review

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? This morning I am going to the DMV to renew my license, I'm getting a new picture taken. I feel like most people wouldn't be excited about that but I am, my photo is from when I was 15, it will be nice to have a photo on my license that actually looks like me haha.

Today I have Matte All The Things from Pretty Serious to share with you. It is a matte top coat that you can put over any polish to mattify it. I LOVE matte top coats so I've been using this a lot since I got it! The formula is good and I really like the finish it dries down to...also the name is awesome! I used 1 coat of Matte All The Things over all 3 shades from the Stop! Collaborate & Listen Collection  for this post!

Pretty Serious is available  at, Matte All The Things retails for $8.95. Pretty Serious also has a bunch of stockists who carry their polishes, you can see a list on their website here.

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