October 31, 2014

KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Halloween! Hope you are all having a good day, any of you dressing up tonight (or today)? I was hoping to have some Halloween nail art for you today but unfortunately a moving box foiled that plan last weekend. I was making a box (the first box to be exact) to start packing and broke a nail on my swatching hand *sad face*

Today I have the KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection to share with you! This collection features 11 new polishes, 4 new cuticle oil pens and a new holiday inspired nail vinyl sheet. Along with all of that they are also bringing back some old favorites from past holiday collections. Today I have all the new polishes and the cuticle oil pens for ya, nail art with the vinyls will be coming soon provided I don't break off all my nails packing and moving haha! If you missed yesterday's post of KBShimmer Holly Back Girl make sure to go check it out as I have a few promos that start tomorrow on KBShimmer's website listed!

Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Deja Brew is a red toned brown holo. If you aren't a fan of brown polish this might change your mind..holo makes everything fantastic! The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and easy to apply with good opacity. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Dressed To Gild is is gold texture. It's loaded with gold glitter and gold holographic glitter with bits of lavender and lime glitter to add an extra pop of color. If you don't care for the texture you can add a couple coats of top coat to smooth it out! The formula was good, it is very dense with glitter but very easy to apply and get opaque. I used 2 coats (no top coat) for the photos below. 

Fallen Angle is a royal purple leaning blue jelly base with holographic blue triangle glitter along with hex and square glitter. This one is extremely hard to capture so I'd recommend googling a bunch of swatches if you are unsure about wanting it or not. The formula was good, it was sheer at first but easily to build with good glitter payoff. I used 3 coats with top coat for the photos below.

Flake Dance is silver holographic snowflake glitter with a ton of silver and silver holographic glitter in a clear base. The snowflake glitters are a bit thick so they can stick up off the nail a little, it's nothing a coat of a nice top coat can't fix though! The formula was good, you do have to fish a little bit for the snowflakes but they are easy to grab. I used 1 dabbed coat with top coat over KBShimmer Sky Jinks for the photos below.

Let's Sleigh Together is a pale grey crelly base with green, navy and pale mint hex and circle glitter. I love this combo of glitter with the base! The formula was really nice, it was easy to apply and had good opacity. I used 2 coats plus top coat for the photos below.

Mauve On Over is a purple-mauve crelly base with orange, navy and aqua glitter. The formula was really nice, easy to work with and nice and opaque. I used 2 coats plus top coat for the photos below. 

Pine-ing For Yule is a holiday explosion of green triangle glitter, red star glitter and small silver holographic glitter in a clear base. This is the 2014 Toys For Tots polish, for each polish sold between 11/1/14-12/15/14 at KBShimmer.com $4 will be donated to Toys For Tots! The formula was good, it was nice and dense with glitter and easy to apply. I used 1 coat applied as normal and 1 coat dabbed plus top coat over Dance Legend Nox for the photos below. 


Spot Sign is black leopard print glitter along with various sizes of black circle and hex glitter in a clear base sprinkled with holographic glitter. Yeah...leopard glitter. For those of you like me who fail at trying to paint leopard print this is perfect for you! The formula was good, you do have to place the leopard spots but they are easy to get out and onto the nail. I used 1 dabbed coat along with top coat over KBShimmer Radiant Orchid for the photos below.

Too Cold Too Hot  is a sapphire blue base with holographic silver, blue and green glitter. This is a texture also! I haven't worn this with top coat you but judging by how pretty it is without it I'm sure its gorgeous shiny also! The formula was good, it was easy to apply with great opacity. I used 2 coats without top coat for the photos below.

Turnip The Beat is a sangria base with holographic magenta, purple and red glitter. The formula of this one was a little chunky due to how dense the glitter was but I had no application issues and the opacity was great. I used 2 coats, no top coat, for the photos below. 

White Here, White Now is a bright  base with white glitter. This is also a texture. It's kind of like last years white texture from China Glaze, except much better executed! If you wanted a white texture and didn't like that China Glaze this is a good one. The formula was good, a little thick but easy to apply with no streaking issues. I used 2 coats for the photos below.


Last but not least are 4 new Cuticle Oil pens! I've had the Lemongrass cuticle oil pen from KBShimmer in my purse for ages so I was like YAASSSS when I saw the scents being added.

The 4 new scents are Raspberry Vanilla, Chai Tea, Peppermint and an Unscented version. All three scents ones are fantastic, Chai Tea being my personal favorite! I love the addition of an Unscented oil too, if you work in an office where people are sensitive to smells it would be perfect for there! These are perfect for the purse and are easy to apply with the brush tip!

KBShimmer's Winter Collection along with the Cuticle Oil Pens and the new Holiday Nail Vinyl sheet will be available at KBShimmer.com on 11/1/14. Polishes retail for $8.75, Cuticle Pens retail for $6 each and the Nail Vinyls are $5 a sheet. For international buyers you can find KBShimmer at Harlow & Co!


  1. Too Cold Too Hot seems like OPI Get your number texture. Are they dupes?

  2. Thanks for these! This is a new brand to me, and I love that you've introduced it to me. Thanks also for posting a link for int'l shoppers. As a winter and Christmas fanatic, I will be NEEDING Flake Dance and Pine-ing for Yule.

  3. Wow nice! I need that leopard one at least :) KB is probably my favorite for all their holiday collections, this one is lovely, decisions decisions!

  4. Such an awesome winter collection this is!

  5. Beautiful swatches! I have my eyes on Dressed To Gild, Pine-ing For Yule, and Flake Dance.

  6. :D Glad I could introduce you to the brand, KBShimmer is one of my favorites!

  7. Mine too, they are consistently amazing. I think if I was ever forced to choose only one brand to take to a desert island (heaven forbid, lol) KBShimmer would be it, hands down (er, no pun intended!) Love love love them. Your swatches are superb as always too; you would be my DI nail blog :) (granted I'd probably starve but hey, nice nails!?!)

  8. I'm super wary of mint cuticle oil after China Glaze's version. I had used some and thought I washed it of and then I rubbed my eyes...it was not pleasant, let me tell you!

    That being said that gold textured polish looks amazing!

  9. Lindas. Em breve farei meu pedido...

  10. eek that doesn't sound pleasant. I'm going to have to remember not to do that

  11. I love how Pine-ing for Yule looks on the black polish! Very nicely done. Amazing photos.

  12. I ended up buying the Flake Dance and Holly Back Girl and I am IN LOVE.


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