November 7, 2014

Polish Room Inspiration Mani!

Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans this weekend? I'm praying for sun because I need to get a boat load of polishes swatched for when I move and won't be able to do blog stuff for a few days. This morning  I have the final walk through for my condo! We're going in to make sure everything I asked the sellers to fix was actually fixed. After that I'm going to a landscaping place to look at artificial grass that I want to put out on my patio for Degen then I'm going couch shopping. I swear finding a couch has been like the hardest thing yet for this condo, hopefully I find one I like today!

Today I have a bit of nail art for ya! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably saw this the other day. I decided to post it here also for the people that don't follow me on those platforms.  I did this nail art over the weekend for another couch finding excursion, these 2 colors are going to be my paint colors in my condo. I decided to paint my nails with them so I could see if I liked the colors with the couches I was looking at...nail polish addict logic right there lol!

I'm going to paint my house in OPI colors! Not the polish (that would take a lot of bottles of polish) but with the OPI paint that they partnered with Clark & Kensington to make. They have a lot of great shades to choose from and my main 2 are going to be My Pointe Exactly (grey) and Keeping Suzi At Bay (blue). I'm planning on doing the accent wall in my polish room/office in the chevron pattern I did my nails with for this nail art!

For the mani below I used My Pointe Exactly as a base and Keeping Suzi at Bay for the chevrons. I used Serum No. 5 Cut It Out Nail Vinyls for the chevrons! I used the Bewitched sheet of vinyls but Serum No. 5 has chevrons on a couple different sheets!

 Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. awesome.... The opi part should make painting a little more fun at least lol

  2. Lovely, congrats on your condo!

  3. Love it! The colors are very nautical and soothing.

  4. I love the color combination!
    (Sigh) I wish I had a nail polish room, for now I'll make due with my nail polish wall rack.

  5. The blue looks great against the neutral!

  6. This nail art creation looks so lovely and adorable!
    I like it ;)

    Xx julia

  7. Congrats Jen!!

    I worked in a hardware store for a few years so having my interior/exterior colors custom mixed wasn't new to me. It used to be a lot harder but now I even have apps on my phone to do color picking! Plus you can find all kinds of inspiration in those aisles. I use the painters' tape for blocking and French manis/pedis. The tape is cheaper than the French mani kits sold in beauty supply stores. But my nail polish ENTHUSIAST (not addict, LOL) looks at decorative screw, nail and brad heads to use as "stamps" for my manis. I've used bits of pipe foam to carry out ombré designs. All the parts you need to make polish racks are easily found in hardware stores.


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