December 30, 2014

2014 Indie and Niche Brand Favorites!

Hi guys! Its that time of year...favorites time! Before I get into all my favorites I just want to thank all of you for your continued support. This year has been a bit nuts, especially the last couple months. I've been struggling with actually posting stuff since I closed on my house so I appreciate that you all still read my blog when I can post! I am officially moving on Friday so hopefully everything can get back to normal very very soon!

First up is my indie and niche brand favorites. For those wondering what a niche brand is I define it as a brand that is lab made but available mostly online, like Picture Polish, Dance Legend etc. This is always such a hard list for me to narrow down, these smaller brands continue to make amazing and unique polishes with each collection. Before I narrowed this list down to 20 I had almost 50 that I loved this year! Check out all my picks after the jump! I've included links to each shop at the very end of the post!

These are in order by brand name and not how much I love them...that would literally be impossible lol!

First up is Cadillacquer It's In Here With Us. I had a ton of Cadillacquer favorites on my list initially, Madeleine makes unique and gorgeous combos! I finally decided on this one because it's basically Halloween in a bottle and I love it! Madeleine made a few contrasting glitter/base combos this year, if you like bold polishes like those make sure to check her out!

Cirque Midsummer Night is a gorgeous cobalt jelly base with multichromatic shimmer. This came from the Kontiki Collection which has 2 other gorgeous polishes like this in it. If you like this polish you'd probably like all 3!

Also from Cirque is NYFW, a cobalt blue creme. I was so glad that Cirque did cremes this year, the formulas were all wonderful NYFW was a standout for me because the formula was great and the color is pretty much awesome. I love cobalt blue!

Contrary Polish Last Leaves was part of one of this years A Box Indied boxes. Carrie from Contrary Polish makes incredible shimmers, this was a big standout for me. I love all the fall colors and the way the shimmer stands out. You can't get this one anymore but if you're looking for good indie shimmers check out Contrary Polish!

My first Different Dimension favorite is Big Bang. This is a disco ball in nail polish form. I probably have a few polishes like this but daaannnnggg I still love this one. Its nice and opaque on its own which is always nice!

Also from Different Dimension is Tulips Are Better Than One. Photos don't do any justice to this gorgeous polish. Its a blue/purple duochrome, seriously its stunning. You need it, I promise!

Girly Bits Seriously Sassy is a really pretty purple jelly packed with blue color shifting glitter. Pam made a lot of gorgeous polishes this year also, this was a standout for me. This is one of those polishes that is not safe to wear while driving, because you just want to stare at it all the time!

I Love Nail Polish is another brand that had a bunch of polishes on my favorites list this year. Barbra continues to make stunning polishes, I love how she pushes the boundary and puts out things we haven't seen before. I had to resist putting like every single one of her Ultra Chrome polishes on this list. Eventually I ended up with 2 ILNP polishes that really stood out for me this year. First is Mega (L). This is pretty much the holo-est holo that ever holoed

Also a favorite from ILNP is Success. This is one of their Ultra Chrome flakies, I haven't actually reviewed these yet thanks to my whole buying a house and literally having zero time for nails problem. However I did post this on Instagram and I wore it the day I closed escrow on my house!

KBShimmer was another brand I had several favorites from, Christy makes awesome polishes. I love the variety she puts out, everything from interesting glitters to cremes. Not only polishes but soaps, lotions etc and nail vinyls! Not only that but her polish is easy on the bank account, her brand is one of the most affordable indies out there! My first KBShimmer favorite is Leaf of Faith. I'm not usually a red polish kinda girl but this one has a ton of depth with the glitter and the jelly-ish base. Super gorgeous!

I couldn't leave Spot Sign off this list...leopard print glitter. For someone like me whole seriously fails at nail art this is fantastic. Animal print made easy!

From Lacquer Lust a favorite this year was Unicorn Porn! Not only is the name great but I lvoe the multicolored glitter in this polish. It's almost transparent in a way and the way it looks with the silver glitter/holographic base is fantastic!

Picture Polish is another brand I had multiple favorites from. I loved a lot of the blogger collaboration shades they put out this year and had a heck of a time narrowing it down! I managed to pick out 2 that I really loved though! First up is Blue Dog, I loved this one because its a bit of a chameleon shifting between blue and grey and the shimmer is gorgeous!

I also loved Fools Gold from Picture Polish. The turquoise base is gorgeous and the way the gold glitter contrasts with it is what really stood out for me.

Another Aussie brand that made great polishes this year was Pretty Serious! My favorite from them also happens to be a blogger collaboration, called Swatch & Learn. This polish is my kinda polish, green and interesting. The shimmer in this has a nice duochrome to it and the green base is an interesting shade!

Serum No. 5 put out a lot of my favorite polishes this year, specifically their neon glow in the dark polishes. I loved all of those polishes! If you're on the search for fantastic glow in the dark polishes this is the brand for you. Not only does Victoria of Serum No. 5 make great polish but she is also one of the most kind hearted people I have come across in the polish world.Each month Victoria makes a donation to a different charity based on what she has sold throughout the month. Aside from polish Serum No. 5 also has awesome nail vinyls that are different from ones I've other brands!

My favorite of the neon glow in the dark polishes was Krypton-Brite. It's a great neon green that glows green in the dark! To see it glowing check out the original post of this one here:

Another Serum favorite was Dark Matter. This is a duochrome shimmer that also glows green in the dark! To see it all glowy check out the original post here:

Alright, onto the last brand for my Indie favorites this year...Whimsical Ideas by Pam! Pam always makes great collections so this was another one that was hard to narrow down. I ended up with 2 favorites from about 5 or 6 on my original list! First is All Ears! This polish speaks to the Disney lover in me with its Mickey glitter! Next time I go to Disneyland you all know what I'll be wearing!

Another favorite was Head Shrinker. Funny enough this is also one with fun glitter shapes, this time its skull and crossbone glitter. I really loved the glitter combo in this one which is why its a favorite for me, it looks good over so many different base colors!

Whew, well thats it! I'd love to hear about your indie and niche brand favorites from 2014 in the comments!

Below is a list of where to buy each brand mentioned today!

Cadillacquer:, for a list of stockists check out

Cirque Colors: for a list of stockists check out

Contrary Polish: for a list of stockists check out

Different Dimension:

Girly Bits: for a list of stockists check out

I Love Nail Polish:

KBShimmer: and

Lacquer Lust: for a list of stockists check out

Picture Polish: for a list of stockists check out

Pretty Serious: for a list of stockists check out

Serum No. 5: for a list of stockists check out

Whimsical Ideas by Pam:


  1. For me, Colors by Llarowe is my favorite! I enjoy their colors and on me the wear time is great, which I can't say for several of the brands on your list. (Of course, I'm about the only one on the planet who hates the HK Girl top coat, so take that for what you will.) From the brands you listed, my favorite polish is probably Contrary Polish Be Merry - it's the closest yet to my dream polish and I had great wear time with it!

  2. lol you DO love greens and blues don't you? :) KBShimmer is one of my favorite brands, hands down. Flawless, always. I also love Pipe Dream Polish, altho I'm getting a little tired of her neon collection. I'm glad it's selling well for her though. There were 2 brands that were new to me this year that I'm enjoying - Polish Me Silly and Polish My Life. And I seemed to buy a lot of Delush this year so I guess I'm becoming a bigger fan of hers too. LOL I can see the problem with creating a blog post and having to narrow all these down!

  3. My goodness, your roundup is seriously amazing. I love all your favorites!

  4. So many awesome polishes! I feel you, I have a hard time deciding on my favorites, too. The indie brands I've loved the most this year are Glam Polish and Cirque I'd say.

  5. There are some fabulous polishes in your list ... you've added quite a few to my wishlist! I love Mega and Big Bang ... hmmm and Fool's Gold as well. :)

  6. Sharon Parayos MerrittDecember 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Great list! And beautiful swatches!! Good luck on Friday!!

  7. That must been so hard to narrow down! You've shown us so many pretty polishes this year. Good luck on Friday it will be so cool.xx

  8. One look at your photo of the ILNP flakies and I went and bought 4. Please review those. I'm totally in love. your swatches are always great :)

  9. Sweet sassy mo-lassy, those ILNP Flakies are uhhhhmazing.

  10. Lacquer Lust Unicorn Porn instantly makes me think of Liquid Sky Lacquer It's My Party. I wonder which came first.

  11. no clue sorry, I don't buy from that brand...first I've heard of that polish!

  12. I will be, just haven't had time to yet! They are gorgeous!

  13. Thanks for the mention jen!!! Glad you enjoy a ltitle unicorn porn in your life lol

  14. LSL released its my party before unicorn porn but the two formulas are entirely different. Ours is in a clear base with holo micro glitters vs just spectraflair. Our glitters that were used are also very different 😊

  15. So much goodness! I only have a few of those: Mega, Tulips and Blue Dog, so those really jump out at me as I love them all!

  16. These are all gorgeous. I'm amazed that you were able to narrow it down! I had an impossible time picking my favorites for this year, so I cheated and went with the most popular.

  17. Thank you! They are like 2nd cousins, a little family resemblance but also quite different. :-) I do love that name though. Unicorn Porn, ha!

  18. What a great list, these are all gorgeous! I am wondering, what did you
    layer ILNP Success over? Fabulous! My new favorite brands (to me) of
    2014 were Liquid Sky Lacquer (amazing holos) and Cadillacquer - mad love for the Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy Collections!

  19. I put it over KBShimmer Low and Be Bold!

  20. Thanks, I need that in my life too! LOL

  21. I ordered Big Bang the other day.

  22. This is a great list, and thanks for sharing the links to where international customers can buy these products. Love them all.

  23. Great picks Jen, I especially agree on the Cirque shades!

  24. Jen, I'm actually really surprised you haven't heard of Liquid Sky Lacquer :) They're pretty wonderful, imho. Carolyn is a pro with thermals and glitter bombs. If you get some spare time, try googling these 4 Liquid Sky Lacquers:
    Blue Hawaiian (blue/green thermal), French Quarter (purple/whiite shimmer thermal)
    Fat Tuesday (glitter bomb) and Bee Mine, Unplugged (glitterbomb)
    I think those 4 might peak your interest.
    Have a wonderful 2015! XOXOXO


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