December 31, 2014

2014 Mainstream Brand Favorites

Hi guys! Anyone have fun plans for New Years Eve tonight? I'm not really sure what I'll be doing, either packing for my move on Friday or going over to a friends house. Today I have my Mainstream brand favorites for 2014! This was a hard list for me to make for the opposite reason as my indie list from yesterday, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot from the big brands this year that really wow-ed me. Here's to hoping 2015 brings more exciting things for the major brands! I'm hoping for more interesting glitters and interesting shimmers! Check out all my picks after the jump!

First up from a few China Glaze favorites for 2014 is Boundary of Memory. Overall The Giver Collection had nice shades but they weren't the most exciting in terms of color or variety. I did however love this one, it was a standout from the collection, China Glaze does super fine glitters like these so well!

Next up is Feeling Twinkly from the Holiday Collection. This is another one of their super fine glitters. It's not full coverage like Boundary of Memory which makes it nice and versatile. I love it over super light shades!

Next is Lug Your Designer Baggage from China Glaze. This was part of their Fall Collection, overall from all the China Glaze Collections their Fall polishes were my favorite of the year. There was a couple that didn't make this list that I loved (like Choo Choo Choose You). I love this one because 1. I love brown polish and 2. it has gold flakes of glitter!

Last of my China Glaze favorites is Mind The Gap. This is a favorite because its kinda like an updated version of one of my all time favorite China Glaze polishes called Out On Safari. Weird green is my favorite!

Next up is Nicole by OPI I'm Stucco On You! This is from their Roughles Collection, I really liked that entire collection but this was my favorite from it! Side note...what the heck has happened to NOPI? I feel like its been ages since they've had anything new.

from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is Techopagan. Not only does this have an awesome name but the color and formula is awesome. I haven't tried a whole heck of a lot from OCC but polishes like this make me want to!

My first OPI favorite this year is Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm? The photo does zero justice to it since it was pretty impossible to accurately capture. It's a super vivid and beautiful purple. I love it!

Next from OPI is Love.Angel.Music.Baby. I love me some Gwen Stefani but this was really the only polish from both of her OPI Collaborations that I grab for. I'm not normally a gold polish fan but this one is super wearable and I love the satin matte finish!

My last OPI favorite for 2014 is To Be Or Not To Beagle. I really liked both of the glitters from OPI's Peanuts collection but this one was just a touch more fun in my opinion! I love that OPI did black glitter and the multicolored pieces work really well with the mix!

I feel like this next one will be seeing a lot of favorites lists for 2014, Orly Mirrorball. I seriously hope we see more polishes like this from Orly and from other big brands!

Next I have a couple SpaRitual favorites, both are from their Wander Collection which was a favorite collection for me this year. I'm a big fan of satin mattes and interesting shimmers so when you put them together I'm just like yaaasssss! My overall favorite from that collection is Nomad, it's green, its interesting and its matte. Need I say more?

Also from SpaRitual's Wander Collection is Starry Night. This one also has super interesting shimmer and is gorgeous matte and with a shiny top coat!

From Urban Decay I have Chaos. Cobalt Blue Shimmer...yep! UD is another brand I don't often buy from, I think this was the only polish I've had from them in years and I almost didn't get it. I think I finally caved while doing some retail therapy...and I am so glad I did!

First from Zoya is Veruschka. Technically this didn't come out in 2014 but Zoya did re promote it this year so I decided to include it on my list. This is one of my favorite Zoya shades of all time and probably the reason I have such a thing for satin matte polishes. It's perfection!

Also a Zoya favorite was Yuna. I loved everything about this polish, the shimmer, the base color, the finish, the formula. It was all great!

There ya go! I'd love to hear what some of your 2014 Mainstream brand favorites were in the comments. I bet you guys have some that I've totally forgotten about for this year!


  1. So many great favorites, I had quite a few of the same on my list. I hope you have a fun NYE!

  2. Mirrorball, yuna and veruschka definitely my pick too! love love love them all!

  3. I did not get Lug Your Designer Baggage and I wish I had. It looks so meh in the bottle but so so so so pretty on the nail! Ack.

  4. So many lovely polishes but I think I love both the zoyas extra. I realized I've been spoiled by indies when I went Christmas shopping for me and couldn't find a single polish that felt special enough in the store so I came home and ordered online. Oh and as its now New Year in Australia ...Happy New Year!

  5. Those are so nice. Great favorites!

  6. Have been reading your blog for a long time but never bothered to comment. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking the time and having the dedication to post so consistently & often. LOVE your blog! I've been building up a polish collection and rely heavily on your reviews and BeautyGeeks' as well.
    Just purchased Yuna and looking forward to wearing it in the new year.

  7. A lot of these made my list as well. I think my favorite polish of the year was Zoya Remy. Outstanding in every way! I also enjoyed KB Shimmer Mixed Peelings - it was just so much fun to wear.

  8. Veruschka <3 Next year.

  9. Thank you <33

  10. Great choices, if I had Boundary of Memory it would probably be on my list too!

  11. I love that Zoya polish Zuna. My favorite collection was China Glaze's All Aboard. I also have Define Good... on my favorites from 214 list. Happy New Year!


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