December 3, 2014

The PolishAholic Pad: Update!

Hey guys! Today I have a little house update. If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've been in nightmare land with my condo for a little over a week so I think I'll start out with the good stuff first. So far the floors are done and everything in painted. Sometime this week I'll be getting my blinds in and going to Ikea to get a ton of furniture so expect that update later! I'm going to try to link the stuff I've bought when I mention it below in case you're wondering where it all came from!

First up is the flooring, I decided to go with vinyl plank flooring. I got a nice dark tone, dark floors are my favorite and they turned out seriously awesome!  Below is the spare bedroom and part of the master right after the flooring was done.

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About a week after the flooring was done everything got painted. I did 1 wall myself and then was like lolno and hired a painter. Probably the best money I've spent so far, not only did they get it done quickly but it looks about a thousand times better than it would have with me doing it all.

All of my paint is Clark & Kensington, I decided to go with them because of their OPI collaboration. It's awesome to be able to put some nail polish colors I like onto my wall! The colors I went with are My Pointe Exactly (grey) and Don't Touch My Tutu (white). You can check out all the offered OPI colors here:

I'm also going to be using Keeping Suzi At Bay as an accent color in my polish room but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

The first couple photos are after the first day of painting, the painters pretty much covered everything in plastic. I felt like I was in ET. The last few photos are after the paint was done!

Below is the inside of the closet, I just really love how the grey and white go together here

Apparently I haven't taken any pictures of my counter stools that you can see in the photo below. They are from Wayfair, I LOVE the color of them! You can get them here:

If you've never checked out Wayfair you should, I got these chairs and some over the toilet storage units and have been very happy with everything so far. Plus they have great daily deals. These chairs are on their website for $130 each right now but I picked them up when they were a "daily deal" for around $60 each!

Before painting we took off all the air vents and air returns. Mostly because they were ugly and painted over, most of the vents you couldn't open and most of them were actually painted shut. I wanted the contrast of nice bright white vents against the grey (it looks great) When we opened the air return in the living room we found weird things in the vent so I thought I'd take a photo. Don't worry we vacuumed out all the crud before putting on the new vents haha!

Onto some fun stuff! The only big piece of furniture in my place right now is the couch that got delivered last week. It's the Yvette Steel Sofa by Ashley, I got mine at Living Spaces. Originally I was going to get a sectional but this one was so comfy that I was sold on it, it also didn't hurt that it was under $400...a bargain compared to the other stuff I was eyeing.

I also am in the process of changing out the cabinet pulls in the kitchen. Of course I fell in love with the "expensive" ones at Home Depot, in the grand scheme of things they aren't that expensive but in Home Depot land they were on the high side. You can check them out here.

I'm still trying to find drawer pulls that I like that will go well with these, that's proving to be difficult.

First up from a big Society 6 purchase is a mug with nail polish print! Originally I was going to get this print as a pillow but I decided on a mug instead and LOVE it! You can find it here:

Not from Society 6 is my big splurge, a Nest thermostat. You know you're old when you get excited about something like this. I got mine at Target but you can pick it up anywhere, I'm pretty sure the first place I saw it was Home Depot.

Also from Target I got this cute Wax Melt Warmer shaped like an Owl! How cute is it?!? I like that it's functional and super cute so it's a nice accessory also.

Back to Society 6 purchases, I picked up 3 pillows. Since my couch and walls are so neutral in color I decided I should have fun pillows! All of the pillows are 16x16 but you can get larger ones!

First is kind of a galaxy/glitter/chevron print. Looks much better in person, more like the photo on the Society 6 website! Available here:

Next is a rainbow glittery print, available here:

Last up is a gold glitter heart pillow, this kind of matches the shower curtain I got! Available here:

I also got a rug from Society 6, the print is called Celebration. I have to say, this kind of disappoints me. It doesn't really look anything like I expected it to. I'll use it but won't be ordering any more rugs from them. Degen likes the rug.

Here is a terrible photo of my shower curtain, draped over a chair. Eventually I'll put up better photos, promise. This is the Gold & Silver Shower Curtain from Society 6. It was pricey but I'm in love with the print so it was a worthwhile splurge.

Also, Degen is a ham.

Last up is pretty much the bane of my existence for the last week or so. A couple Saturdays ago I went to clean the bathtub. When I was done I went into the master bathroom and noticed a bubble of water on the floor. I cleaned it up and texted my realtor because I thought it might be due to a repair the seller made during escrow. A couple days later (Monday) I called a plumber and went over to my place to meet them in the morning, when I walked in it sounded like water was gushing. I went into the master bathroom and could tell it was coming from behind that wall. Not only could you hear it but there was a big old bubble of water on the wall. I was like oh shit and proceeded to panic until the plumber got there about 10 minutes later.

He had to open up the wall, there was a pinhole leak in one of the copper pipes (photo below is after he fixed it). We took off a fair amount of drywall because it was soaked.

Basically what happened is the pipe got a hole and leaked down into a void below the tub, once that filled up the water bubble happened. Good thing I got there when I did. Below you can kind of see all the water...this is AFTER it had gone down a bit because the plumber turned off the water to the building.

So a couple days went by and all was good, then on Wednesday I went to my condo and heard the water again...another leak. Luckily the wall was open and the maintenance guy from the HOA was able to put a temporary clamp on the hole that would stop the leak until Monday (when the plumber came back). All was good again for another couple days, until Friday when there was yet ANOTHER leak. FML. By this point I was prepared and had already gone to Ace Hardware and bought temporary clamps, so I put one of those on the new leak and impatiently waited until the plumber came out Monday morning.

So Monday came and the plumber was back. He was there to replace the shower valves that were supposed to be done during escrow but the seller supposedly forgot (yeah...) and we didn't know before closing because of how the days fell with the final walk through and when the HOA allows the water the be turned off. In addition to the shower valve stuff the plumber opened up the wall with all the leaks from floor to ceiling and replaced as much of the copper pipes as he could. Below is what it looks like now.

Probably the most horrifying part of this was when the plumber took down the drywall above the original hole in the wall. The mold. I can't. I am so glad I haven't moved in yet since that is terribly unhealthy to breathe in. The plumber took out the drywall and told me to take pictures of it (just in case, you never know) then he immediately bagged it up and took it out of the house. Happy to report that I have a restoration company coming out to get rid of the mold still there and to completely dry out the walls affected by the leaks, hopefully mold will not be an issue going forward.

Last up for my wonderful Monday was the spare bathroom, in order to properly replace the shower valves the plumber opened up the wall behind the shower in the spare bathroom. It ended up being a blessing because those pipes were leaking also. He replaced the valves and as much of the copper pipe as he could.

Monday was a very expensive day :( Luckily for me the seller is having to pay for all of this because it should have all been taken care of during escrow.

So yeah, there's my update. This past week has been both exciting with the paint and floors, couch and accessories but also one of the most stressful weeks of my life due to all the plumbing. It was to the point where going to my condo was giving me anxiety, I would dread that I'd walk in and hear water. I seriously hope I never hear the sound of water spraying out of a pinhole leak in a pipe ever again.

Once the restoration company finishes everything the walls in both bathrooms will get closed up, except for a small access panel so I can get to valves the plumber put in for in case I need to shut off the water (god forbid there is another leak)

Overall it's all starting to come together. I should have appliances in the next week and most of my new furniture. Then I can actually live exciting! Hopefully the next post will be everything decorated!


  1. Damn hon, sorry you had to go through this. Thankfully you have an experienced real estate agent that knows there stuff. Bad news it happened. Good news, you survived it and handled it!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for all the updates. It sounds so stressful..hopefully it will calm down soon. Congrats on being able to buy your own place. I live in SoCal too and I know how expensive it is. That is quite an accomplishment!

  3. I have the same couch, lol. It looks great! Sorry about the mold, I've been there. Our last rental had a major problem with mold.

  4. It's coming together nicely! hopefully after these few setbacks it'll be smooth sailing for you :)

  5. Sharon Parayos MerrittDecember 3, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    I love all your 'good' stuff, especially the STOOLS and floor and shower curtain! I love grey walls (have that in my bedroom!), so crisp with the white. Thank goodness the seller is responsible - what a mess! Best of luck with the rest. Can't wait to see 'finished' pictures.

  6. Its looking great so far! Love the mug and your pillows!

  7. You deserve a vacation after this!

  8. I know the feeling of dread that you are referring to...we had plumbing drama this summer with a toilet leaking into the floor and staining the living room ceiling. After it was supposedly fixed, a couple weeks pass and I go to return stuff to Lowe's (from our attempt at DIY, before calling the plumbing company). When I got back from that, I looked up and saw a fresh wet stain on the ceiling. It was so... not... fixed. There were multiple visits from the plumbers and only the owner seemed to understand there was a special part needed (and had failed to order in the first place when his third party flooring contractor reached out to him at the beginning). The rest of the plumbing company employees literally said they had never heard of such a thing, they just thought the floor had to be replaced when they couldn't get the screws to grab. So much for calling in a professional to get it done right...

    But the other pics look so great, love what you've done with the place. :D

  9. It's looking amazing already!! You must be so proud and feel so accomplished already! keep up the great work :) xx

  10. Everything looks so good!!! Love your nail polish coffee mug I think I might need that :)

  11. Larraine WimberleyDecember 3, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    how exciting! the joys of home ownership! its looking good though!

  12. Crazy! I'm so sorry about the plumbing fiasco you had to go through! Must have been so stressful. Otherwise, AWESOME OPI wall colours and beautiful floors!

  13. Wow... it all looks soo beautiful!

  14. Cali aka PolishtopiaDecember 3, 2014 at 11:58 PM

    oh wow, what a week. Flooring looks fab but nothing worse than plumbing dramas behind the walls, glad you got everything sorted

  15. Wow, the place looks awesome, love all the decor!!! Did the home inspector catch all this stuff in the inspection?

  16. Gah!!! So scary!!! I hope its all sorted soon! Your place is so pretty and I can't wait to see all the finished photos!

  17. Your place looks awesome! I love the color schemes you have going on. (I actually gasped and said, "Oh. My. God." at that fabulous chevron pillow.) Those drawer pulls are amazing! I say go for them! When we bought our house I was psycho and looked at thousands (literally) of drawer pulls before I finally settled on the perfect ones (from Rejuvenation. We gave them a lot of our money....) My drawer pulls make me happy and you should experience the same joy! Haha Congrats on everything! So exciting!! :-D

  18. Such a difference the floors and paint makes! I would have had a heart attack with the leaking pipes - glad the seller is having to foot the bill though.

  19. Your place is fabulous!! You are awesome.

  20. Love the flooring and everything about your new home, except the plumbing and the mold, of course. You are so lucky that it is not going to cost you anything. We had a lot of problems when we moved into our home a few years back, but we had to pay for anything. We don't have the same laws here in Australia. It is basically "buyer beware", and people don't have to disclose any problems with their homes. It is up to the buyer to pay for a building inspection, which we couldn't afford. Can't wait to see it once you get everything fixed. Oh, love the cushions and shower curtain, too. Amazing that you were able to get ones that look as though they are nail art designs. Wish I could find some like this :)

  21. Oh man, there really was a skeleton in the "closet" and it was a damp one! Love the colour scheme: those dark floors complement the grey and white very nicely. And I like your sparkly choice in accessoires as well (those cabinet pulls are GREAT).
    p.s. YEAH for fresh toilet seats ;-)

  22. So sad about the water issues but like I said before, luckily you found out BEFORE moving in. Even better would have been if this hadn't been an issue at all obviously. The coloring you chose for your walls is great! Can't wait to see it decorated (after all the water stuff is done).


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