February 26, 2015

GlitterDaze Miraja of the Jungle Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Guess what today is? Today is Degen teeth cleaning day...fun fun. I hate when he has to get his teeth cleaned, I'm like a ball of worry until his vet calls to tell me he's done. Here's hoping that all his little teeth are alright, last time he had to have one pulled which made the whole thing ridiculously expensive.

Today I have Miraja of the Jungle from GlitterDaze to share with you! This polish is an LE shade thats a one and done kinda polish, as in once its sold out its gone forever. This polish is a blackened blurple jelly base with multicolored flakies. The formula was on the sheer side but it built up to full opacity in 3 coats. The only thing I wish is that there were a few more flakies in here since they can look sparse on the nail depending on how you apply the polish. All photos below are taken in the shade. 

Miraja Of The Jungle is available at http://shopglitterdaze.com for $12.50, this is LE so get it while you still can!


  1. Best wishes to Degen! I have my Sofi's teeth cleaned, also, she's due in a few months, and I hate it. I know what you mean, I'm on edge until I pick her up.
    Degen will do great!

  2. Sharon Parayos MerrittFebruary 26, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    Pretty but, yes, a little sparse. Poor Degen! I hope you've heard by now. He's such a sweetie!

  3. Oh, this is beautiful! I was deciding between this one and Berried Treasure; I got the latter instead.

  4. still waiting to hear from his vet, it's torture waiting!

  5. O_o That. Is. GORGEOUS. I really hope I can find a bottle of this once my no-buy is over!

  6. It looks gorgeous! But, I do agree it'd be even better with some more flakies. I hope the teeth cleaning went well!

  7. I kind of like the sparse look of flakies but it's kind of bummer it took some muscle to get them on the nails.


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