February 11, 2015

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies Swatch & Review Part 1

Hi guys! Today I have 6 of the Ultra Chrome flakies from I Love Nail Polish to share with you! Barbra released these late last year and I am seriously kicking myself for taking what feels like a year to wear and post them. Life has been so insane with buying a house, moving to it, moving back to my parents and then living between both places that some stuff fell through the cracks, these were one of them...ugh.

Anyway, in total there are 13 different Ultra Chrome flakies, today I have 6 of them for you. The other 7 will be up soon! The Ultra Chrome flakies are kinda what you would get if you put flakies and multichrome polishes together. They aren't transparent-ish like normal flakies so the base color you wear them over really doesn't have an affect on what color they shift to. Check out all the swatches after the jump!

The formula across all 6 of these was really nice, they are all nice and dense with glitter and easy to apply. You can layer them or even wear them on their own...I've seen some seriously stunning manis done by building these up to full opacity. I need to try it but I'm at my parents house right now and literally like 99% of my nail stuff is at my house so I just don't have the necessary tools to do that right now (sponges and some kind of glue/liquid latex to put around the cuticles). I used 1 coat plus top coat for all of the swatches below. These do eat top coat a little bit so you may need 2 coats of top coat to get that glassy look to them. All photos in the post were taken in the shade.

Brilliance shifts between, green, gold and orange but it also goes to pink and blue at extreme angles which you can see a little bit in the bottle. I used Brilliance over CND Vinylux Wild Moss

Cold Fusion shifts between different shades of blue and teal, there is also some purple and gold depending on the angle of your hand. I used Cold Fusio over Essie Suite Retreat.

Neon Rosebud shifts mostly between pink, gold and green. This one is INSANE, it's my easy favorite of these 6 because the shift is just awesome. I used Neon Rosebud over Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris.

Phoenix shifts between gold, pink, purple and blue. This looks awesome over a dark base but for some reason I prefer it over a light base. I'm actually still wearing this combo and have gotten a bunch of compliments on it! I used Phoenix over Essie Wrap Me Up.

Rapture shifts between gold, green and a silvery blue. I used Rapture over Essie Spun In Luxe.

Supernova shifts between green, blue and purple but also gives off some pink and gold at extreme angles. This one is very mermaid-y...I love it! I used Supernova over Pretty Serious Invitation Only.

The ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies are available at ILNP.com, each polish retails for $12.50


  1. Okay these are amazing and I love them but wait! You had to move back to your parents?? I missed something!!

  2. I'm so so happy your reviewing these! I bought 4 the moment I saw your MOTD they are so awesome!

  3. OMG they look so awesome on your nails ♥ I definitely need cold fusion, supernova and maybe neon rosebud too :)

  4. yeah...mold problems because of the leak. Now I'm fighting with the seller about it :(

  5. I have 5 polishes from this collection, but only one of the ones you swatched. I love them ! Even after a week my nails still look freshly done when I wear them.

  6. I have Supernova on right now. It's seriously ruining me for other flakies, haha!

  7. Oh no!! That is terrible! I hope you get it resolved quickly and favorably!

  8. Flakies are having such a moment right now! I generally love them over dark bases but I seriously dig Phoenix over the cream!


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