April 30, 2015

Different Dimension 80's Baby- All Grown Up Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have more neons for ya! This collection is from Different Dimension and its called the 80's Baby- All Grown Up Collection. If you've been a Different Dimension fan for a wile you probably remember the originals of these, I reviewed 3 of them here in case you want a little blast from the past. These new 2.0 versions are similar in feeling but overall more creme looking (the previous ones were cremes but had a little squish to them lol) they are also much more saturated and bright! This collection along with another collection of neons that I'll have swatches of soon will be available starting tomorrow, May 1st over at the Different Dimension shop which is linked at the end of the post. Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Formula wise all 6 polishes we're good, the consistency was a touch thick which made them easy to apply and they flowed nicely onto the nail. All 6 were nice and opaque only needing 2 coats each. Because of the neon they do dry down a little satin matte, I used top coat for my photos.

Ditz 2.0 is a hot pink neon with a scattered holo.

Gnarly 2.0 is a super bright neon green with a scattered holo.

Homeboy 2.0 is a bright blue with a scattered holo.

Totally 2.0 is a blinding neon yellow with a scattered holo. This one is eye searing, I think I almost blinded myself while editing my photos of it :P This one can be a little patchy, I did need only 2 coats but I would suggest using a thin first coat and thicker second coat.

Tubular 2.0 is a neon orange with a scattered holo.

Whatever 2.0 is a bright purple with a scattered holo!

Overall, I really like these. The original 80's Baby Collection has always been a favorite of mine from Different Dimension and these don't disappoint either. My picks are Whatever 2.0, Totally 2.0 and Gnarly 2.0

Different Dimension is available at http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/, the 80's Baby- All Grown Up Collection launches tomorrow May 1st!


  1. So yeah, I'll be need all of these, kthxbai!

  2. I think I may just have to get these! They're beautiful.

  3. The pink, orange and purple would make a kick-ass gradient look I think :D!


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