May 12, 2015

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors Collection Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the Candy Shoppe Colors Collection from JulieG to share with you! These 9 polishes have what JulieG calls a Jelly Bean finish which is a bit of a jelly with satin matte finish. With top coat they just look like regular jellies so they are pretty versatile depending on how you feel like wearing them. I like seeing fun polishes like this available at the drugstore so I was pretty excited for these when they arrived! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

Formula wise all 9 polishes are on the sheer side since they are jellies. I found most of them to be a bit patchy but they even out pretty easily. The consistency was good across the board, they weren't too thick or thin and all applied fairly easily. I used 3 coats and no top coat for all of the swatches below.

Candy Shop is an orange jelly, this is reading a little warmer in photos than it did in real life. In person it's just a touch lighter.

Lemon Drop is a yellow jelly.  This was one of the more patchy shades due to it being a yellow but it was pretty easy to even out using 2 thin coats and 1 thick-ish coat.

Licorice Twist is a black jelly. Surprisingly this was one of the post sheer shades, depending on how you apply this might be a 4 coater. The good news about the sheerness is that it will probably be a good black for jelly sandwiches and the like.

Lollipop is a purple jelly. There are 2 purples in this collection that are somewhat similar, this one has stronger red undertones.

Pixi Stick is a medium pink jelly.

Sour Apple is a green jelly. I really like this one, no one is surprised haha!

Sour Grape is a purple jelly. This one is more blue toned and a touch darker than the other purple.

Sweet Tooth is a bright blue jelly. I did have a tiny bit of staining with this so I'd recommend 2 coats of base coat with it.

Wild Cherry is a red jelly. This was the most opaque of the collection, almost a 2 coater for me!

Overall I think these are fun and I can see myself using a bunch of them for jelly sandwiches. I really like the finish of these also. My picks are Sour Apple and Candy Shop!

JulieG polishes are available at Rite Aid and online at for those that don't live near Rite Aid. The Jesses Girl website does ship internationally for those wondering! JulieG polishes retail for $3.99 each!


  1. Danielle HamiltonMay 12, 2015 at 4:43 PM

    Very interesting finish, they really are like jelly beans! Cool!

  2. These really do remind me of Jellybeans.


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