May 13, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2015 Soap Box Review

Hi guys! Today I have the Summer Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap to share with you! This box is a quarterly subsscription that retails for $19.99 and it includes a variety of Fortune Cookie Soap products! I used to get this box back when they first introduced it but ended up getting rid of it when I started saving to buy my condo :( I decided after seeing KellieGonzo's post about the Summer box that I needed it again so I went and signed right up and just got my box in the mail yesterday! I'm pretty excited about it this time around, since I stopped getting the Soap Box there have been a ton of new products introduced onto the Fortune Cookie Soap line so this was a good way to get to try a bunch of them!

The theme of the Summer Soap Box is called Straight on Till Morning and it's Peter Pan centric! I love the theme, I was always a big Peter Pan fan growing up! The box includes 8 products, half of which I've never tried until now! Check out all the contents after the jump!

First up is the tiniest, cutest little lip balm i've ever seen in my life in the scent Kiss. Seriously, how stinking cute is it?!?  I've tried FCS lip balm back when they first introduced it and was a fan of it then, I still like it! The scent of Kiss is exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water. I definitely smell the watermelon the most!

Next is a little container of Whipped Cream lotion in the scent Lost Boys. This is one of my favorite products from Fortune Cookie Soap, it's a great moisturizer and its very light and non-greasy. I had a big old thing of Whipped Cream in their Butterbeer scent a while back and was so sad when it was gone! Lost Boys is described as golden apricot muddled with fresh white peaches. The color of this Whipped Cream is a really pretty light lavender! This scent reminds me of my Grandparents house, they always had peaches and apricots in bowls in their kitchen growing up and the whole house smelled of them as soon as you walked in!

Next up is Mermaid Lagoon Two Phase Perfume Oil. I've never tried a perfume oil from FCS before! This one is pretty neat, when you get it the oils in it are separated and you shake it up before you spray it on to mix everything together. It kind of looks like a little lava lamp! The scent of Mermaid Lagoon is coconut, I'm not sure if there is anything mixed in there with it but that's what I get most from it.

Next in the box was the Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent Second Star To The Right. These are what FCS is known for, I'm sure you guessed that given the name haha! The soap is really pretty, it has a bit of a galaxy feel to it. The scent is crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of pomelo served over iced sugarcane. I really like the scent it's very summery and not too heavy.

The Fortune Cookie Soaps actually do have a little fortune in them, below is what mine said!

Next is The Boy Who Never Grew Up Salt Scrub. I love the color of this and the scent is tropical margarita. Yes please, I approve! I've never tried their salt scrub so I'm looking forward to using this to exfoliate this weekend!

Next in the box was The Captain Steam Me Up Scotty! This is kind of like a bath fizzy except its meant for the shower. The steam of a hot shower dissolves it and its like aromatherapy. This is another new to me product that I'm excited to try out! The scent is described as dewey magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream.

Next is the OCD Hand Sanitizer in the scent Think. This is really pretty, it's kind of a citron green color with a bit of fairy dust sprinkled in. I was a little worried about the shimmer in this but once you put it on your hands and rub it in you can't see any of it. The scent is fresh cherries in cream sprinkled with toasted coconut and powdered sugar. I wasn't sure about this on first sniff but it dries down really nicely!

Last in the box is Wendy Bird Deodorant. I've never tried an indie deodorant before so I was strangely excited about this. I feel weird being excited about this kind of product but I am! I think this might be a new product all together but I'm not 100% sure about that. The scent is green apple with a balmy tropical twist. I've only tried this out once so I can't say if it works or not but so far no complaints. I was a little worried about how fragrant it was at first, I thought it might compete with my perfume but the scent faded pretty quickly so it didn't end up being an issue.

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a quarterly subscription that retails for $19.99, it is available internationally but outside of the US you do have to pay shipping on top of the $19.99 ($8.01 for Canada and $14.01 for everywhere else) You can sign up for the box by clicking here.

It looks like the Summer Soap Box is sold out but you can sign up to get the Fall box (which I'm sure will be awesome) If you want to try any of the scents and didn't get the Soap Box the collection will be launching on May 22nd, so you can get them in any product. I think I'll be picking up some of these scents in Whipped Cream form!

Along with all the goodies in the box you also get a $10 coupon code with each soap box, which is a great added bonus...I know I'll use mine! 


  1. I wish we could get Fortune Cookie Soap in the UK, they are so cute! I have tried to get some but the shipping was way too much sadly :( xx

  2. Yay! Glad you got this one! I'm so excited for the launch, I think I'm going to get Second Star to the Right, Tink and The Captain in a whipped cream :D

  3. This looks really interesting and fun!

  4. ValiantlyVarnishedMay 18, 2015 at 1:39 PM

    All of these products look so amazing! I have to try this box out!


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