May 1, 2015

piCture pOlish Honeymoon Swatch & Review

Happy Friday! Today I have a quick post for ya of piCture pOlish Honeymoon. This polish is a collaboration with Manicurator,  this shade was inspired by the caribbean where Victoria spent her honeymoon! I can definitely see the inspiration in the color, it kind of reminds me of the gorgeous ocean down in that area. When I was in high school my parents and I went on a cruise to the caribbean and it was so incredibly's nice to find a shade that captures that beauty nicely!

Honeymoon is a blue green base with subtle scattered holo and shimmer that looks a bit blue/purple to me! The formula was great, it was a nice consistency and flowed nicely onto the nails. The opacity was also good, I used 2 coats!

piCture pOlish can be found at, they also have etailers all over the world, for a full list check out


  1. A big fan of piCture pOlish, I recently picked up Mallard!

    This is stunning, perfect for summer x

  2. This does remind me of the beaches back in Barbados! Memories.

  3. Such a pretty soft blue this is.

  4. Nice shade - I seem to have a really hard time getting your Pinterest function to work to pin a photo - maybe it needs to be updated with a newer version? The lag time is really long

  5. hmm I don't know, I'll look into it and see what I can figure out

  6. Such a pretty shade blue, I think my polish collection can always use a blue when it looks like that :)


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