May 4, 2015

Scratch Monthly Mani Box Review

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was good. I didn't do too much which was kinda nice! Today I have a fun subscription box from Scratch to share with you! Scratch is a nail wrap company based out of LA, their nail wraps are all designed by different artists some of which have been bloggers. I'm always happy to see a company supporting the community like that! You can either buy their nail wraps on their own or you can subscribe to their monthly mani box. The normal membership is $30 a month and you get 3 sets of nail wraps along with surprise extras. What I have to share with you today is a new version of the Monthly Mani Box, it is for someone more like me where maybe you don't need 3 set of nail wraps a month. This new version of the subscription will be $10 and you get 1 set of nail wraps along with surprise extras. For the nail wraps you actually get to pick which of the 3 designs you want so there's no worrying about not liking what you get. Check out what I got after the jump!

My monthly mani box came with 2 extras. The first extra was a nail art brush, I like the the brush is skinny but not long. I kinda suck with those long striper brushes so I think this will be easier for me to use!

The other extra in my box was a mini of Color Club Poetic Hues. Poetic Hues is a beige-y nude creme with yellow undertones. It's a nice neutral shade, the formula was good. It had a good consistency and was easy to apply. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

The decals I got to try out are from the April monthly mani box and are called Strawberry Fields. I gotta say, I was so excited to see these in my box because they have a negative space design. Some of the nails had a green and chartreuse color block design and others had little strawberries. I liked the negative space aspect of these because they are very versatile, you can wear them on their own or put them over a base color for a customized look. I decided to put mine over the color club polish I got in my box.

Scratch nail wraps are easy to work with, they are 5-free nail polish inks printed on a thin adhesive so they aren't stickers and apply similarly to wraps from Sally Hansen or Incoco. There are detailed instructions on their website here that are much better than me trying to tell you lol!

My only application problem with the Scratch nail wraps is that they aren't two sided. If you've used other nail wraps you know that both sides are usually rounded so they offer more sizes. These only have 1 side rounded for the cuticle so I struggled to find ones that were good sizes for my nails. Most of the wraps ended up being too big for my nail beds so I had to trim them down a little.

Here are the Strawberry Fields wraps over Color Club Poetic Hues. I really loved the design of the wraps!

Below are the stock photos of the other wraps that came in the April box. I wanted to post these so you kind of get an idea of the variety offered in each box. For the regular $30 box you would get all 3 designs, for the new $10 version you would get to pick 1 of the 3 designs.

The Monthly Mani Box is available at, the $10 a month kit can be found here If you aren't interested in a subscription box you can also buy their nail wraps individually for $12 each!


  1. I have tried multiple times to use the Sally Hansen nail wraps, but every time they just pop off by the next morning. I have been following their instructions, but it never works for me. Any tips?

  2. The negative space strawberries are so cute!

  3. The Jamberry wraps remind me of Strawberry Shortcake. Love how the strawberry designs are more like decals... I might need to look into those!

  4. These are from Scratch, not Jamberry

  5. I would try putting them over a base coat, I haven't personally had that kind of issue though so I can't say for sure that will help!


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