June 18, 2015

Paw-Some Natural Bath & Body Products; The Commissary Box Review

Hi guys! Today I have a fun box of indie Bath & Body products to share with you! These are from a new to me brand called Paw-Some Natural Bath & Body. Paw-Some makes a whole array of products, everything from mani bombs to soap and bath bombs! The LE box I have to share with you today is called The Commissary Box and it's inspired by Orange Is The New Black! I love OITNB so I was like !!! when this arrived. Have you guys finished watching the new season yet? I'm watching episode 9 as I type this post :D this season feels really slow to me but I like how they are developing a lot of the characters this season, I always like seeing backstories.

Anyway...enough rambling. Check out everything in the box after the jump!

The first thing in the box was a nice list of everything included. In all there are 5 products, one of which is a duo so you're getting 6 items in total. The box retails for $25 so its a great deal!

First in the box is a Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl, Swirl Bath Bomb. This smells awesome, not too chocolate and not too vanilla! I haven't used mine yet but I'm planning on it next time I have the time to pamper myself!

Next up is the Mani Bomb Duo! There are 2 little mani bombs here, 1 is called Oranges for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and the other is called It's A Little Cold Out For A Margarita. I've used the Orange one already and it was awesome, the scent was great and it had a nice balance of having a lot of oil but not too much. It also turned the water orange which I liked :) I haven't used the Margarita mani bomb yet but I will be this weekend, it smells pretty great in the package!

Next up is Miss Claudette's Coconut Cake Lip Balm. I really enjoy both the scent of this and the feel of the balm, it moisturizes really well!

The next item in the box is Pawtastix Nail & Cuticle Treatment called Bora Bora...Bora?. Its a tropical scent that smells nice and fruity. What I like about this is that it contains Lanolin (along with a lot of other great ingredients) The only other balm/cream I have with Lanolin is Dior's cuticle cream and its expensive like whoa so its nice to find a cheaper, indie alternative to it. I'm looking forward to getting this is more scents when they are available!

The next item is The Blood Truffle Donut. This can be used as a mani bomb or a bath bomb. It smells amazing...seriously. I am obsessed. It's also super cute. I almost don't want to use it because I like looking at it and smelling it...I'm strange, I know.

The last item in the Commissary Box is The Litchfield Chicken. This is a goat milk soap with a tropical smell of guava, tangerine and strawberries. Also, it has a chicken on it. I don't know about you guys but the episode that was all about chasing the Litchfield Chicken is one of my favorites :P

Overall I like this box, everything smells great! I especially like the Cuticle Treatment! You can pick up The Commissary Box at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PawSomeBathandBody for $25!


  1. Everything looks super nice.

  2. That looks alike a great box. Love bath bombs! :)

  3. The cuticle treatment caught my eye. I'm always on the look out for cuticle products because mine are so dry. Thank you for your posts!

  4. These look like so much fun! The Blood Truffle Donut look extremely interesting!


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