June 1, 2015

Serum No. 5 June 2015 Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was alright. It started off great on Friday...my AC got fixed woohoo! It's so nice having it be a livable temperature in my place again. I was having a great weekend until I woke up yesterday morning and wasn't able to bend my index finger on my left hand. Not sure what I did to it between going to bed on Saturday and waking up Sunday but it's all swollen and painful to bend. I'm hoping it somehow gets better on its own so I don't have to visit the doctor.

Today I have June 2015 from Serum No. 5 to share with you! This newest polish Victoria's one and done monthlies is a red base with blue, red and gold glitter. The glitter might not actually be red and gold but thats how it looking to my eyeballs...its hard to tell with the base color :P This glows a brilliant yellow in the dark!

The formula was good, it was a nice consistency and easy to apply. Depending on how you apply it's a 2-3 coater, I ended up using 3 to deepen up the shade! I used 3 coats plus top coat for the photos below.

June 2015 will be available starting today at SerumNo5.com get it while you can because once its gone its gone for good!


  1. Nice color and so fun to see it glow in the dark.

  2. Such a fun color and I love the glow effect. Sorry to hear about your finger. Hope it gets better soon!

  3. This is a really interesting polish and the glow looks amazing!

  4. This would make such a great Fourth of July polish, especially with the glowing effect :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern Stylista

  5. Are the Serum no.5 polishes easier to photograph than other glow polishes? I'm asking because i'm never able to take good picture of those in the dark .


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