July 7, 2015

OPI Nail Envy Strength In Color Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have the new OPI Nail Envy Strength In Color polishes to share with you! These are revamped versions of OPI's Nail Envy in three of OPI's favorite shades. I really like the idea of these, they are great for someone who wants to only wear a strengthening treatment and doesn't want just clear polish on their nails. In addition to the 3 Nail Envy shades tinted with OPI's favorites there is also a new shade only in Nail Envy form called Pink To Envy. I don't have it swatched in this post since it pretty much looks clear on the nail :)

Check out all the swatches after the jump!

The formula of all of these was nice, they were all easy to apply and the color payoff was good. I used 2 coats for each polish per the instructions on the boxes. These are not 3 free, for me I don't really care but if you're someone who does care about that kind of stuff its something to be aware of.

Bubble Bath is a light baby pink. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel like I got better color pay off with Bubble Bath in Nail Envy form than I do with it just as a regular polish!

Hawaiian Orchid is a dusty rose. This had the best color payoff of the 3, it was nearly opaque color in 1 coat!

Samoan Sand is a light beige-y nude.

OPI's Nail Envy Strength In Color shades are available now, they retail for $17.95 in the US and $22.50 in Canada. 


  1. These are awesome!!! I use Nail Envy religiously but don't always have time for a full manicure, so I'll definitely be getting at least one of these! Thanks for posting! :-D

  2. Nice swatches of all of them.

  3. As someone who wears Bubble Bath more than every other nail color combined, this is a game-changer for me.

  4. The second one is a great nail art base I think!

  5. Did you use a basecoat with these?

    Could I use these as my basecoat? I'm looking for something that can help hide my stained nails under sheer polishes. Thanks!


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