July 29, 2015

Painted Polish 2 Year Anniversary Duo Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a special duo from Painted Polish celebrating their 2 year anniversary to share with you! This duo will be available tomorrow when Painted Polish re-opens both as a set and separately! I've been pretty excited about these since Lexi started teasing them over on her Instagram and they definitely did not disappoint! Check out the swatches after the jump!

Deux is a deep blue creme, this has some purple to it but it only tends to lean that way in certain lighting. I love a good creme and this one is pretty awesome! Lexi said on her Instagram that she was nervous about this one because she doesn't typically make cremes. I have to say, if she made cremes like this in every colors of the rainbow I'd buy them all...the formula was fantastic. It was a great consistency and easy to apply, the opacity was perfect...a 1 coater! I used 1 coat plus top coat for the photos below. 

Here's To 2 Years! is a dark blue base with blue glitter and a scattered holo. At first I thought this would be great over Deux but it ended up being so awesomne and opaque on its own that I was like nah..they would look perfect together if you wanted to do an accent nail or nail art! The formula was great, it was a touch thick in a good way that makes application a breeze. The opacity was again, perfect...another 1 coater! I used 1 coat plus top coat for the photos below.

Overall this duo is pretty much perfection, if you've never tried Painted Polish this would be a great introduction to the brand since the formulas are so good and both polishes are beautiful. The 2 year anniversary duo will be available at http://www.paintedpolish.com/ tomorrow when the shop re-opens!


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)July 29, 2015 at 5:24 AM

    It's absolutely gorgeous with the glitter!!

  2. These nail polish duos look fantastic! That navy blue colour is something I need in my life :)


  3. Wow, these both look fabulous, and the formula sounds amazing!


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