August 18, 2015

Smitten Polish Ice Pop Paradise Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I have a gorgeous polish from Smitten Polish to share with you! This is my first time trying out Smitten, though they have been on my need to try list for a while! When I saw swatches of this one it finally pushed me over the edge and I made an order!

Ice Pop Paradise is a purple toned blue with blue/green flakies. This is a bit of a chameleon, indoors it tends to look purple but outdoors and in the shade it leans very much towards blue. a little skunky. The formula was good, it was a touch sheer but it built easily. This does have a bit of skunky smell to it, most likely caused by the pigment used (a lot of blues and purples smell skunky!). I used 3 coats for the photos below!



Mattified in the shade

Smitten Polish is available at, Ice Pop Paradise retails for $11.50


  1. I think it may actually be the flakes responsible for the smell- I have all of Smitten's flake polishes and they all have that same smell- but I don't think any other Smitten I own does. They're all super gorgeous in person, but Ice Pop Paradise is my favorite out of the bunch- I love the way it shifts from blue to purple depending on the lighting.

  2. You picked an amazing first Smitten! That is definitely one of my favorites!

  3. The depth in this is so gorgeous, lovely swatch!

  4. It was your swatch that sold me on this one, so glad I picked it up!

  5. Thanks ♥

  6. Gorgeous swatches! You should try some of the other flakies. They're all amazing!

  7. Stunning. I need this one!

  8. I get mine today!!!! Ordered 6 flakies, the HHC 3, and you saucy minx.

    I am so beyond excited.

    Beautiful swatches

  9. Gorgeous! I haven't bought any Smitten polishes yet, but this is pushing me over the edge.


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