September 17, 2015

KBShimmer Mod Floral Water Slide Decals Review

Hi guys! Today I have some KBShimmer Water Slide Decals to share with you. Water Slide decals are a relatively new addition to the KBShimmer shop, they carry a ton of different designs. The design I have today is called Mod Floral and its a bold floral print on a black background.

Water Slide decals are designs that come on a backing paper, you cut out the design/decal you want to use and submerge it in water for a few seconds and the design slides right off the backing. You can use them alone but I found that this design was better over a white base so that the colors really popped that way. Once you slide the decal off the backing and put it on your nail you can slide it around on the nail to get it where you want it, then you apply top coat and the top coat fuses it with the base color. To clean up I used acetone on an eyeliner brush but you could use a q-tip and regular polish remover...whatever you have on hand!

There is a little learning curve with using these but overall they are pretty easy and the results are beautiful! This was my first try with these and I learned quickly to wait until everything was 100% dry to clean up anything on the skin. If you don't it can pull off the can see what I mean on my pinky finger. Wear wise these weren't great for me, I found that I had a lot of tip wear for some reason. The decal was wearing off but not the white polish was odd.

The best way I found to dip the decals in the water (or fish them out if you just throw them in) was with tweezers. It makes it easier to position them on your nail and move the decal around. I used the Rainbow Finish Slant Tip Tweezers below for that. These are also available at KBShimmer's shop. They have 3 other rainbow tools available right now and I need them all in my life!

KBShimmer Water Slide Decals are available at, they retail for $2.95. The Rainbow Finish Slat Tip Tweezers are also available at, they retail for $8.95.

For international buyers you can find KBShimmer at Harlow & Co, it doesn't look like she carries the water slide decals but she does have all the rainbow tools.


  1. Fun fact: these water decals are of Russian origin! A Russian company Milv sells them to KBShimmer.

  2. What a beautiful pattern!! It reminds me of Dia De Los Muertos.
    So much work for such quick signs of wear, though....😕 but at 8.95, I'd give it a try.

  3. these are really pretty decals!

  4. Hi Jen! I've used 3 different designs & I've found them to be really easy to use. Yes, you need to let it all dry b4 removing the excess decal. I used an angle brush dipped in acetone to remove the leftover decal. I've worn mine on my toes and the wear was great!!! No chipping, no worn areas, it just stayed put until I took it off after 2 weeks. I bought the mod floral, so seeing it on you makes me super excited! Design looks so cute!

  5. I have these! I love them. They are so cool looking.

  6. Really pretty decals! :)

  7. Wow! Gonna check these out two. At least the prices are comparable.


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