November 11, 2015

Cirque Meta Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys, today I have the Meta Collection from Cirque to share with you. This collection is made up of 5 multi chrome polishes. The finish of these is nice and smooth, they are easy to get opaque on their own and they don't show brush strokes which can be a pain with multi chromes occasionally. Check out all the swatches after the jump.

The formula of all 5 polishes in the Meta Collection was really nice, these are smooth and easy to apply with really nice opacity. All of them are opaque on their own in 2 coats. All photos in this post were taken in the shade.

Cabaret Voltaire shifts between magenta, pink, orange and gold at extreme angles.

Ghost In The Machine shifts between teal, purple and pink.

Some Great Reward shifts between gold and green, it can also flash a little blue at extreme angles.

Techno Manifesto shifts between magenta, gold and green.

 Version Infinity shifts between blue, purple and magenta.

The Meta Collection is available at, each polish retails for $15


  1. sigh, i adore duochromes and way too often get sucked in with fantastic pics like these (omg ghost in the machine!!!)... and then find that yep, i apparently have loved that color-shifting combo plenty of times before when i have something pretty identical. Jen, do you have any plans to do some comparisons of these pretties, or do you feel the flecked kind of finish is unique?

  2. I'm not planning on comparing them (too many polishes too little time lol) but they feel different with the flecked finish. The only thing that I can think of that is somewhat similar is ILNP's holo multi chromes but since these aren't holo they are pretty different.


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