December 18, 2015

Sunny's Body Products Winter 2015 Box Review

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? I'm supposedly getting my new bed this weekend. I got a Sleep Number and the delivery and customer service to actually get it has been a freakin nightmare. Fingers crossed they actually show up this time. I'm also going to be baking a bunch of holiday cookies. We're doing a cookie day at work next week where we all bring cookies we've made. I think it'll be fun!

Today I have the Sunny's Body Products Winter Box to share with you! This is launching today over on Sunny's website (linked at the end of the post). Also, Sunny is going to be having a sale this weekend! If you use the code WINTER you can get 10% off you order (not sure if it includes this box or not). I don't even remember the last time Sunny had a sale so I'm pretty excited to stock up on a few of my favorite things from her for a discount! Check out the box after the jump!

All Over Body Balm is in the scent Winter Cabin. It has notes of  fresh, fruity green apple, honey, cinnamon bark, nuts, creamy caramel, maple sugar, cider spice, and warm French vanilla. I definetely pick up the apple notes the most in this when I apply it and as I rub it in the more spicy scents start coming out. I really enjoy it!

The Bath Whip is in the scent Snow Kissed. This has notes of  lemon, orange, cedar wood and pine all nestled in a warm, rich vanilla cookie base. This is an interesting scent, I pick up mostly the pine and cookie notes in this...which is an interesting mix. I wasn't sure about this after first but its grown on me as I've used it!

Sunny's Cuticle Oil is in the scent Baby Its Cold Outside. This has top notes of mandarin, green clover, fir needle, sparkling spruce, cardamom and cedar bark with bottom notes of guaiac wood, precious woods and allspice. I pick up mostly the fir and spruce scents in this, if you like a subtle Christmas Tree scent you'll enjoy this one!

Sunny's Hand Butter is in the scent Snowflakes. This has notes of mints, aquatics, camphors. This mostly smells minty to me, but not over the top give you a headache minty!

The Intensive Cuticle Therapy is in the scent Winter Wishes. This is a cheerful blend of fresh mint, blooming jasmine and pine needles. I pick up mostly the mint and jasmine in this one, its a really nice balance of both and not overpowering for either note. 

Sunny's Lip Saver is in the flavor Peppermint Mocha. This smells exactly like it sounds and its pretty darn awesome! It smells like you went to Starbucks and got a peppermint mocha then jammed it into a balm...yum.

Sunny's Miracle Balm is in the scent All Bundled Up. This scent has a fruity and woody opening containing sparkling grapefruit, citron, and juniper berries followed by a middle note of wild ivy and finishing with a touch of warm white musk, cedar, and balsam. I really like this scent, none of the notes really stand out to me, they all blend together really nicely. 

Sunny's On The Go Hand Lotion is in the scent Let It Snow. This one has notes of fresh clean, frosty air, hints of Lemon Leaf and Tangerine Zest, Petit grain, traces of Jasmine Petals, secret Santa Spices, Prussian Cypress, Oak moss and Precious Woods. This is a really nice fresh scent, the only thing that stands out to me is the jasmine. This one was a hit at work when I put it on the other day!

Sunny's Hand Sugar Scrub is in the scent It's A Wonderful Life. Sunny describes this one as mulled citrus and fruit followed by cinnamon, cloves, and crunchy snickerdoodle cookies with top notes of fresh-cut Christmas trees: Douglas fir, blue spruce, and cedar. This is another interesting scent, in the jar it smells like the mulled citrus with a hint of cinnamon then after I used it it left behind more of a fresh and subtle Christmas Tree scent. 

Last up is Sunny's Triple Thick Body Cream in the scent Sleigh Rides. This is a scrumptious, nutty fruity marzipan and berry type with top notes of almond, nutmeg, coconut milk and wild berries. Middle notes of cinnamon and clove, with a super sweet, sugary vanilla and Tonka bean base with tiny hints of sandalwood. I mostly get the sweet sugary notes from this one, but its not too sweet since everything else balances it out. Also, I really like the new bottle Sunny is using for these...its not as rounded of a bottle!

Sunny's Winter 2015 Box will be available starting today at! Don't forget about the 10% off with the code WINTER also, this weekend only!


  1. Can't wait to order! Still Coming Soon, but it is early yet today...

  2. They all sounds lovely and the scents sounds divine.


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